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Interior Home Finishes

Luxury Home Master Bathroom thumbnail

Bathroom Faucets

Once you begin selecting all the products to fill the interior spaces of your bathroom, it is important to get as much information and advice as possible. This article focuses on the all the varieties of bathroom faucets and styles available today. It is important to consider the overall style of your home whether it's formal or informal, so think through this selection process carefully to get just the right desired result.

Luxury Master Bathroom Shower thumbnail

Bathroom Showers

A shower is no longer an eyesore in a modern-day bathroom. Today's showers offer a style of their own to a special bathroom. Whether your house is Contemporary, Traditional or Country style, showers in today's bathrooms have come a long way on the style spectrum and can easily become the main focal point of a master bath or other bathroom in your home. Read about the many options and styles a homeowner has to choose from.

Luxury Bathroom Sink thumbnail

Bathroom Sinks

A sink is a sink, right? That used to be the case when selecting fixtures for your bath, but not anymore. A sink can create visual impact providing your bath with amazing style. If you have Country French interior decor in your home, then a sink basin can be found to combine seamlessly with the overall interior decor. Whatever your style or tastes, there are thousands of sink styles that carry can complete your home.

Old-fashioned bathtub thumbnail

Bathroom Tubs

An elegant spa tub is a symbol of relaxation for a homeowner. It's a quiet and elegant refuge from the stress of everyday life and provides a sense of calm. Bathroom tubs have come a long way from the standard rectangular shape most often seen in older homes. Preview some of the most beautiful tub styles out there today and find the perfect one for your dream home.

Luxury Bathroom Vanity thumbnail

Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom vanities have really evolved from a basin with just enough space for a bar of soap. Today's vanities have a plethora of storage space either on each side or below and usually also include an oversized mirror. These vanities offer everything a homeowner could ever want. Select a vanity with great style, function and an appearance that can mirror the look and feel of the rest of your home.

luxury great room with a bay window thumbnail


Bay windows are a favorite feature to look for when determining the home you want to build. They add sunlight to the interior and an immense amount of curb appeal that can't be denied from the exterior of your home. See how to show off the bay windows in your home and spotlight this fabulous feature.

Play Room In Bonus Room thumbnail

Bonus Rooms Create Flexibility

Becoming more popular every year, bonus rooms are that extra space that allows the home to grow with your family's needs. Whether you need a home office, children's play room or desire a media room; the beauty of the bonus room is the flexibility it allows its homeowners. As you see in this article, the possibilities are endless!

Beamed ceiling thumbnail


A decorative ceiling treatment is a subtle way to really "up the style ante" in your interior spaces. Towering above the living spaces, these ceilings create that special finishing touch that can't be ignored. Take a look at some of the most beautiful ceiling design ideas and get inspiration for the interior of your newly built house plan.

Home Automation thumbnail

Cracking Into The Mainstream: Smart House & Home Automation

State-of-the-art technology is available for any homeowner to incorporate into their new house when they build it. Whether you're looking for security, convenience or efficiency, adding high tech systems to monitor your home is easy and will make your life hassle-free.

thumbnail of well-designed computer niche

Create A Comfortable Computer Niche

It's the perfect time to think about creating a comfortable computer niche the entire family can enjoy. For those who yearn for a casual place to work from home, a computer niche can be the perfect solution that doesn't require an entire room. It's also the ideal place for the students of the family to stay focused.

country kitchen thumbnail


See how to transform your kitchen into a the nostalgic country kitchen you remember from years passed. From country style to the perfect finishes to complete the look, this article will have you begging for a new country kitchen in no time.

brick indoor swimming pool thumbnail

Design Ideas For Indoor Swimming Pools

If you're lucky enough to add an indoor swimming to your home, then before you start the selection process read this helpful article that includes several terrific design ideas as well as some great safety ideas.

angled bar thumbnail


Having an ideal place to entertain family and guests makes this time more enjoyable, so why not add a wet bar to your home? Make this spot your hub for partying, watching sports events or playing games and guests will leave your home always have a great time.

laundry room thumbnail


It would seem choosing a dryer to accompany your washing machine is a simple task, but there are several factors to consider before making such a purchase. This in-depth article discusses all the benefits for the types of dryers found on the market today. Educate yourself on what's out there before making this purchase.

luxurious billiards room thumbnail


Adding a space where family and friends can relax and unwind is a great idea. So, why not make that place a billiards room? Countless hours of pool playing will be enjoyed by all. Learn how to create the best space and what should be considered when designing and accessorizing.

exercise room thumbnail


Stop making excuses you can't make it to the gym and create a gym or exercise area of your own right in your home. See these great ideas for either adding in a exercise space to an existing room, or how to properly equip an entire room for better physical fitness.

circular staircase thumbnail

From Here to There: Staircases

Besides providing function, a staircase can act as a beautiful architectural element in any house plan. Designed for a vast number of home sizes and styles, this article discusses the components of a staircase and several design ideas for making it best fit within your home plan.

rear foyer decor thumbnail

Functional And Stylish: Rear Foyers

Busy families and homeowners most often come to and from the home through the entrance near or attached to the garage. This area of the home in recent years has become much more of a "hot spot" in home design. Rear foyers are coming into their own and now are being seen as places for great function and storage for the entire family.

beautiful foyer with decorative glass windows thumbnail

Getting Gorgeous Glass: Stained Glass Windows and Decorative Window Film

Add fantastic sparkle and rich details to your home by incorporating beautiful stained glass windows, decorative windows, or window film and let it your home shine even brighter!

security lighting thumbnail

Going Bump in the Night: Home Security

Your home is your most expensive purchase, so it makes perfect sense to protect it to your best ability. This article discusses the many security options available to a homeowner today. Whether you're looking for minor changes that can provide more security, or you are interested in installing an automated system, this discusses many options.

Bright Bathroom With Skylights thumbnail

Here Comes the Sun: Skylights for Every Home

Want an easy way to brighten your home? Why not install some skylights in one of the rooms or in several areas? Besides adding an instant light source, skylights provide style and natural warmth from the sun. They're a great way to open up a space within your home and give it an instant boost.

kitchen with wood floors thumbnail

Hitting The Ground Running

Floors are the hardest working part of a home. They have to deal with the day-to-day wear and tear and the constant abuse from the oldest to the youngest family members and even the pet. Be sure to read this article and gain valuable information on what floor types work best where. Especially important are the selections for traffic areas, the kitchen, mud room or laundry area and the baths.

Home Intercom System thumbnail

Home Intercom Systems

Are you in the market for a home intercom system? Well, before making any purchases for such a product, read through this article and determine all the factors for purchasing the best system for your needs. Whether you are looking for voice only style systems or something more advanced, this article touches on the common differences between these systems and other important factors to consider.

Home office thumbnail

Home Office Design

Working from home has become more common today than ever before, so finally home designers are realizing that this trend is here to stay. Great home office design makes sure your workspace is functional, convenient and well placed within the layout of your home's floor plan. Not to mention that it should have amazing storage capabilities and desk space.

luxury social kitchen thumbnail

Kitchen Concepts: The Social Kitchen

Instead of barring the door of the kitchen when you entertain and trying to force guests to stay in the living areas of your home, let them find their way into the kitchen. When they do, learn how to make everyone's favorite room in the house comfortable and inviting.

Kitchen floor plan thumbnail

Kitchen Floor Plans

Undoubtedly the favorite place in any home, the kitchen is the main gathering place where everyone tends to congregate. But, most importantly, does your kitchen have a great floor plan? A great kitchen floor plan is comprised of great traffic flow, plenty of amenities and an abundance of storage and eating spaces. Read this article to see how the kitchen in your floor plan measures up.

galley style kitchen thumbnail

Kitchen Layouts: Corridor Kitchens

Corridor, or galley style kitchen layouts are a great design option if you have limited square footage in the kitchen of your house plan. But, these kitchen layouts can be functional and convenient layouts perfect for keeping everything within arm's reach for the chef of the family.

one-wall kitchen thumbnail

Kitchen Layouts: One-Wall Kitchens

One-wall kitchens are a great style option if you have limited space. This article focuses on ways to layout your kitchen for the best function if you are working with a one-wall kitchen style.

U-shaped kitchen thumbnail

Kitchen Layouts: U-Shaped Kitchens

U-shaped kitchen layouts offer a variety of attributes that make this style functional and very efficient. Take a look at this article and discover this kitchen floor plan style and why it might be the perfect layout for your family and needs.

Modern Laundry Room thumbnail

Laundry Rooms

Laundry rooms have become a family's drop zone for their belongings, outdoor clothing, and shoes while still needing to be the place where washing gets accomplished. These spaces have come a long way from the small closet for housing the washer and dryer or the cobweb filled basement as you will see in this article.

Custom basement thumbnail

Let's Party – Customize Your Basement Into Something Special

The basements of today have undergone a transformation. Now, these spaces are filled with unimaginable amenities such as media rooms, wine cellars, children's playrooms and much, much more. Take your basement to new heights and give it something special that the entire family can enjoy.

loft thumbnail

Lofty Ideas: Taking Lofts To New Heights

With flexibility in a floor plan being more important than ever for a homeowner, home plans that have loft spaces help fill this need while offering a great place for all types of uses. From home offices to exercise spaces, read about great loft ideas in this article.

dressing room thumbnail


Who wouldn't want the luxury and functionality of their own dressing area? This article discusses how to maximize the style and design of your dressing area, while bringing the space to life with your own personality!

Home Networking Wiring thumbnail

Making Connections: Home Networking

With the rise in home offices and the use of computers and other technology in everyday life, getting your house "wired" for your family's technological needs is a must when building a new house plan. Determining how and where computers workspaces will be needed and how to go wireless are top priorities for today's busy families. Learn everything you need to know to get your home connected.

Compact kitchen design thumbnail

Making The Most of The Least - Kitchens

This article walks you through all the ways to take your space kitchen floor plan and utilize to its best function and ability. There are several tricks to making a small kitchen feel a million times more efficient.

kitchen with marble countertops


This article promises to explain all of the different materials currently available for kitchen countertops. From granite to formica, it explains the durability as well as other benefits of each material.

interior home painting tools thumbnail

Painting Like A Pro

Painting is one of those household projects that many homeowners choose to tackle. Many try it for the first time after purchasing their very first home. But, what does it take to make the finished room look like a pro did the project? Take a look at this article and you'll discover the tips and tricks the pros use to make the project easier, neater and faster.

colorful playroom thumbnail

Perfecting a Playroom

Besides making it colorful and fun, there are many things to consider when designing and decorating your child's playroom from layout to contents. Here's how to do it right!

piano room thumbnail


Make beautiful music in your very own piano or music room. This article not only covers all the basic maintenance knowledge a piano owner needs to keep this gorgeous instrument in tip-top shape, but it provides ideas on how to display this wonderful focal point.

kitchenw ith new applainces thumbnail

Plugging In: Kitchen Appliances You Want and Need

Kitchens have really become one of the spots within the home where the chef of the family is willing to invest a little more money for higher efficiency and convenience when preparing meals. But, before you begin shopping for kitchen appliances, read this article and determine what needs you want to meet and what extras you're willing to splurge on.

Luxury Kitchen Flooring thumbnail

Popular Kitchen Flooring

No doubt the hardest hit area of the home, kitchen floor have to pack a punch in order to handle the daily wear and tear the endure. This article describes several options available and their good and bad points.

Luxury Home Kitchen thumbnail Popular Kitchen Upgrades

Be sure to read this article that describes the most popular kitchen upgrades and what homebuyers are looking for in their dream kitchen.

log wood ceiling in dining room thumbnail


Deciding to incorporate a beautiful rustic ceiling in your home will take your house design from drab to fab especially if you're living in a rustic, log or Craftsman style home. See how to use various types of wood, reclaimed wood and other materials to make your rustic home unbelievably unique and stunning from top to bottom.

the interior of a sauna thumbnail


Originating in the Scandinavian country of Finland, saunas are known for cleansing the body of toxins and helping to maintain a healthy lifestyle. See what types of saunas are popular today and if adding a sauna in your home is a great idea for you and your family's health.

indoor swimming pool thumbnail

Splish, Splash: Indoor Swimming Pools

Only a fraction of homebuyers are lucky enough to live in a climate that allows them to enjoy swimming all year long. However, choosing to build an indoor swimming pool opens the door to year-round low-impact exercise right in your own home and countless days for enjoying time around the pool with family and friends. Here's the basics on this great feature for your home.

detail of custom wood thumbnail

Tailor - Made: Create a unique home with custom woodwork

Turn an everyday room into something really special thanks to custom woodwork such as the styles seen throughout this article. Adding custom woodwork when building your dream home may seem like a luxurious idea, but it can take your home from average to amazing and give it that instant custom feel most homes are lacking today.

thumbnail of woman painting

The Basics on Paints

You've decided to take on your home painting job yourself, but how are you to know what type of paint works best in the room where you're ready to start? Certain situations like the kitchen and bathroom create humidity and moisture levels that will determine the type paint you should use. Reading this article will educate you on the types of paint that are best suited for certain locations throughout your home.

Cottage Style Ceiling Fan thumbnail

The Ceiling Fan - Style and Function

Turn your interior spaces into breezy relaxing spaces that a ceiling fan can provide when added to the design of a room. Ceiling fans are a great way to improve efficiency and keep your heater and air-conditioning from working overtime regardless of the season. Plus, there are now more decorative and stylish than ever you will see in this article.

cozy home theater thumbnail

There's No Place Like Home: The Home Theater Experience

Grab a bowl of popcorn and dim the lights – your own "special feature" is just about to start. A home theater is the perfect place for the film enthusiast to enjoy their favorite pastime in utmost style and elegance. Quickly becoming a "must-have" for homeowners who are technologically savvy, the home theater experience is here to stay and offers media viewing unlike any other.

cozy stone fireplace thumbnail

To Burn or Not to Burn: Home Fireplaces

Nothing adds ambiance to a room than a crackling fireplace. While adding a great heating element to a space, the light of the fireplace dances off the walls of the room making the interior come to life. Often the true focal point of a room, the fireplace provides an anchor with furniture positioning so it is important to select a style that complements its setting perfectly.

luxury kitchen thumbnail

Ultimate Kitchens

Homeowners today want over-the-top kitchen designs because now more than ever this is where family and friends want to gather. Here are some great things to keep in mind when designing, remodeling or buying a new home and creating the ultimate kitchen design.

front loading washing machine thumbnail

Washing Machines

Not many people take time to research washing machines to their fullest. Whether your current washing machine isn't working suddenly and you need a quick replacement, or it is one of many appliances you have on your list to purchase for your newly built home, before you select something on a whim, read this article and get an idea for what you really want and what your family really needs.

stylish window drapes thumbnail

Window Treatments

Besides offering privacy from neighbors, window treatments such as blinds, shutters or curtains have become one of the important finishing touches to a room. They can frame the furniture and provide an elegant backdrop to a space. This article includes some terrific examples of great window treatments and their ability to maintain great style while offering plenty of function.

luxury wine cellar thumbnail


If you love enjoying and collecting wine, then adding a wine cellar in your home would be the ultimate luxury. Imagine walking into your own wine cellar, reading labels from your collection and selecting the perfect vintage to enjoy right in your own home. This article helps you envision your perfect wine cellar.