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Bathroom Showers

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The process of getting ready each day is often mundane for many homeowners.

Luxury Master Bathroom Shower

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Showering is a hurried activity, a small part of the daily routine that receives minimal attention. After all, relaxing and rejuvenation is saved for soaking in the spacious garden bath after a long week! However, what if you were able to enjoy a luxurious shower that was just as relaxing as the bath? Today's shower options are no longer minimized. Surrounds, doors, and showerheads are customizable, allowing homeowners to piece together a perfect personal unit:


It is extraordinarily important for shower surrounds to be waterproof and durable to avoid expensive damages in the future. Prefabricated (acrylic), solid surface, and fiberglass are all materials commonly used for shower surrounds. As showers are becoming more intricate and a fundamental part of decor, customized tile is being incorporated into surround designs as well.

Contemporary Bathroom Shower

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Today's stand-alone showers have made the shower curtain fairly obsolete. Doors ranging in styles from sliding to swinging are making the most of the bathroom space available. One of the newer trends in luxurious master baths is that of the doorless shower. If enough space is available, this shower encompasses an entire area, large enough that a door need not keep water from the rest of the room. Have bathroom measurements available when seeking professional input on the best shower styles.


Showerheads are certainly what separate the various shower styles most. Once a stationary fixture on the wall, today's showerheads vary from fixed with multiple pressure options, handheld (also with various pressure options), and even full body showerheads that act similar to a car wash! In larger master baths, some showers are constructed in the center of the room, with his and her doors and separate showerheads.

Growing quickly in popularity is the waterfall showerhead. Fixed from above, the waterfall showerhead "rains" in the center of the shower, creating a gentle, and certainly unique, showering experience. Some waterfall showers have multiple showerheads that expand the relaxing rain illusion.

Modern Bathroom Shower

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Special Features

Beyond the customized hardware of today's dream showers, there are numerous extras available as well:

  • Smart homes can turn showers on automatically so as to be ready when the homeowner rolls out of bed.
  • Preferred temperatures can be programmed so water will automatically adjust at the touch of a button.
  • Natural light can be added to showers, increasing the overall waterfall effect and adding to the relaxing atmosphere the homeowner strives for.
  • Steam rooms and steam units are being included to maximize the spa atmosphere in opulent master baths.

With so many options, it is easy to become overwhelmed with what you want and need in a shower unit. Ask other homeowners for recommendations and inquire about frustrations or dislikes with their own systems. Do not forget to ask design professionals about the affordability of future upgrades before investing in every new feature offered. Whether you desire luxury with a simple handheld showerhead or a rainforest replica, take the time to explore all available options.

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