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Home Intercom Systems

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Home Intercom System

A home intercom system is an excellent way to abate security concerns and enhance communication within a home. As the popularity of these systems increases, so does the variety of systems on the market. There are a few steps homeowners can take in order to simplify the process of finding the perfect home intercom.


To start the process of purchasing a home intercom system, you should first set a budget. There are numerous brands and styles of high quality home intercom systems within all price ranges. Deciding in the beginning how much you would care to spend will immediately focus your search.

Wireless or Wired

Wireless systems have an advantage of simple installation as they do not require running any wires from unit to unit throughout a home. Some wireless units require plug-in to AC power outlets; others are battery operated. The quality of performance is equivalent for either power source, but do keep in mind that battery operated units require that the batteries be changed regularly. Wireless systems have the option of being mounted or free standing, the latter of which allows more flexibility as units can be relocated as necessary. Typical wireless home intercom systems have a 1000-foot range but are subject to minimal to moderate interference as a cell phone may be.

Voice Only or Video

Voice only systems allow direct and private conversation between two units or can be adjusted to speak to all units at once. Video home intercom systems allow you to see what is going on wherever the unit is placed in addition to conversing with that location. Either system is beneficial to the security of your home, as it allows you to monitor the well being of your family.

Other optional advantages of home intercom systems include more elaborate features, such as music options. For example radio, CDs, and even iPod access can be localized to one unit or can be heard throughout a home via the intercom system. Another special feature is the ability to place voice or video units at the entryways to your home. You can check to see who is at the doorbell without hassle or inconvenience. Some units even allow you to grant entry access without having to come to the door at all.

Where To Place

The last thing you must consider when looking to purchase a home intercom system are the locations of the various units. Some brands have a maximum number of units that are compatible with their system (the average being five). Other systems only work when all units are placed on the same electrical circuit, eliminating building additions from accessibility. Be sure to have in mind which rooms you want intercom units placed, and ask appropriate questions to confirm that the system recommended will be compatible to your home. Installation and warranties should also be discussed thoroughly. Both vary depending on the system in question.

Keeping in mind these four categories, you should have very little trouble finding the home intercom system you desire.

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