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Choosing the best dryer for your laundry room is easier than you may think.

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When it comes down to it, all dryers do the job by spinning the clothes and blowing hot air. They are either gas or electric and turn off when reaching a certain temperature or by a moisture sensor. What separates a good dryer from a great one are the special features that affect performance quality, and subsequently, what keep your clothes protected from premature wear and tear.


To determine which dryer is great for your laundry room, the first aspect to examine is compatibility. Dryer capacity is twice that of the washing machine, so machine "sizes" should not be the same, but well-suited to work together efficiently.


Some machines may offer numerous temperatures on which to dry laundry loads. From "No Heat Wrinkle Reduce" to "High Heat Express Dry" the more options there are, the more expensive the machine. To determine your temperature needs, think about your average laundry load. Some clothes cannot be exposed to high heat for fear of damage while other loads may need a quick dry for a family on the move. Think carefully and seek out machines offering what you need without charging for options that will never be used.

Also be aware of moisture sensor availability. The most energy efficient machines are those outfitted with a moisture sensor stop. This allows you to put every load of laundry on an auto cycle that automatically shuts off when clothes are perceived to be dry. This eliminates overexposure to heat and excessive waste of energy.

Touch pads & Smart Homes

Some machines are equipped with extra technology that allows homeowners to save their "favorite" laundry settings, customizing just how every load is handled. Sophisticated machines can even tap into Smart Home technology and be accessed from other places in and out of the home.


Laundry room accessories are being incorporated into more appliances, simplifying the laundry process even further than imagined. Some dryers are equipped with built-in drum lights, drying racks, and hidden drawers to store dryer sheets, irons, or other laundry necessities. Timers, alarms, and noise controls are also popular features that you may find appealing.

Do not forget to look at warranties, service contracts, and consumer reports before purchase. As with all large appliance purchases it is important to take your time and ask questions before buying. With patience and a little research you will soon have the perfect laundry room for your dream home!

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