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Window Treatments

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by Allison Gunkel

When it comes to windows, you can do almost anything to showcase personal style.

Stylish Window Treatments

Photo courtesy of Edwin Pepper Interiors

In addition to choosing window sizes, frames, and configurations, it is important to blend the hardware seamlessly into the room decor. Finding the right balance of privacy, function, and style can be quite a chore.

Privacy & Light Control

Though the primary functions of any window are to provide natural light and fresh air to the home, privacy is still a great desire. Shades, curtains, and miniblinds are the most common window treatments used to provide a completely opaque covering. Sheers, natural blinds, and window tinting are options that provide privacy and filter but do not block light completely. Consider layering materials to provide the most privacy without limiting your window functionality.



While there are numerous decorative window treatments that may fit "perfectly" into your decorative scheme, keep in mind particular window needs. For example, if you have small children or pets, long curtains and hanging cords should be avoided for safety. Will you cover high windows? If so, will you need special accessories to open and close the treatments? Technology has opened up new opportunities in window coverings with the advancement of Smart Home capabilities. Window treatments can be equipped to open and close at the touch of a button elsewhere in the home, or even from remote locations. Take the opportunity to list your specific window covering needs and share them with the experts before making any purchases.



The most enjoyable part of seeking window treatments comes down to the style. Each homeowner has a different vision of what to do with their windows, but the following have proven to be quite popular. Remember to mix and match as appropriate for your home, and seek professional advice if you get stuck.

  • Organic Materials – these bring a touch of nature into the home with such materials as bamboo, grasses, and woods. They come in many colors and styles, offering numerous options for an home decor.
  • Sleek and Simple – The clean modern look is often showcased in simple panels without fuss and trim. Monochromatic color schemes typically fit this trend.
  • Opulence – While simplicity is currently the trend, luxury never goes out of style. Silks, velvets, and damasks trimmed with tassels and beading in rich colors are ideal in homes outfitted with large picture windows. Beware of using too much to furnish small windows – they often appear smaller when overdone.
  • Bold – Rather than making window coverings a part of the details, bold prints create vibrant focal points. Bright colors and lively motifs on treatments quickly simplify decorating tasks.
  • Green – Growing in demand is fabric that aids window insulation efficiency as well as prevents staining or mildew, creating healthier indoor environments.

These are just a few recommendations from the wide world of window treatments. Hours could be spent wandering through stores, observing all the available materials and set ups. Sorting through your options will not be as daunting if you keep in mind the privacy, functional, and style wants and needs.

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