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Jennifer Jones  by Jennifer Jones

small home exercise room

Are you tired of having to travel to the local gym and being surrounded with people just to get a workout? A personal home gym just may be the perfect answer for you. It can be difficult to get time for fitness in between work, kids and the various other activities of everyday life. The ability to exercise at home can be a huge time saver and the ultimate convenience. Travel time is eliminated and exercise can be done any time of day. Designating a space for your workout equipment will not only keep it organized and out of the rest of your home, but also provide a specific place to dedicate to exercise and training. Motivation is the key to having a successful exercise room.

home pilates studio

Space Requirements

The first step to creating your own personal gym is to consider what types of workout that you do most often and what size space would be required for them. Personal fitness style and the intensity of your workouts will help define your home gym space. For example, a yoga or Pilates space would take up less area than a treadmill or weight bench. A workout space for one person is most comfortable with a 6x6 foot area to warm up and stretch. This open space will allow enough area for DVD workouts and calisthenics. Take some time to measure the larger workout equipment pieces in order to find a proper spot for them. The smaller exercise items, such as weights and workout mats, will need to have storage space available. Many workout rooms will include a media center that provides music and videos during exercise. If needed, the room can also serve other functions, including an entertainment room, office space with a desk or a sleeping area with a pull-out futon.

office with exercise areaPopular equipment pieces for home gyms include treadmills, elliptical trainers and exercise bikes. They provide an excellent cardiovascular workout and are not terribly bulky. A 7x4 foot space will be adequate for many machines like these, and some fold-up when not in use. Some other useful pieces for a home gym are weight benches and full body strength training fixtures. They require a considerable amount of floor space, so be sure it will be able to fit in your designated gym area.


Storage is also essential in a home gym. It is important to keep your gym materials organized no matter the amount of space available. Dumbbells and resistance bands can be kept in cabinets or specifically designed holders. Some homeowners will make a place for fresh towels and chilled water to use during breaks in their exercising routines.

home gym

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Decorating Ideas                    

The home gym should be an energizing and comfortable space. It is important to create a mood to enhance your workout. Boring, white walls may feel sterile and cold, but they can be invigorated with a fresh coat of paint. Certain colors can affect your frame of mind and fitness workout. Greens and blues are calming and relaxing. Many homeowners will choose a bright, energizing color to cheer up the space like reds, oranges and yellows. If your exercise room has a cold, concrete floor, consider painting it a tan or warming brown color and pair it with a brightly colored area rug. Additionally, avoid using gloss paints, especially with already energizing colors. They can create distracting glares when combined with mirrors and lighting.

There are other elements that can enhance your personal home gym. A lot of people enjoy having mirrors in their exercise area so they can see their bodily form in order to get a better workout. Inexpensive, long mirrors can be lined up together to create that “wall of mirrors” effect that is found in most gyms. It can be fun to get creative and dress them up with bright paint and decorative moldings. Motivational messages are also an imaginative way to decorate the walls and inspire your fitness regimen. You can purchase personalized messages as wall decals or paint them onto the wall freehand. Candles and plants can provide a relaxing and calm feeling to the space as well and are especially popular in yoga-designed rooms. Occasionally, a homeowner will feel that a room filled with an abundance of equipment to be distracting, so maybe try a modest décor and only one piece of gym machinery.

Since fitness is a significant part of staying healthy, a home exercise room is a great way to encourage working out for the whole family. Whether you design a large room filled with workout equipment or a small space with a yoga mat, be sure to design the area to be soothing and practical for the best results. Your new personal home gym will be a welcoming and pleasant area that promotes exercise in the comfort of your own home.

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