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Let's Party – Customize Your Basement Into Something Special

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From gaming to movie theaters, your basement can be designed to your unique desires.

Luxury Basement Design

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Once upon a time a home's basement was a place where old boxes were stored, spiders crept, and laundry was sorted. However, the basements of today are nothing in comparison. Basement storage is being transformed into finished family spaces. The most popular options are best broken into specialized areas.

Game Room

What you do with your dedicated game room depends on the game to be played. Families may choose to have a special table for game play, with shelves installed to organize their extensive board game collections. Poker has become extraordinarily popular within the last two years, causing a boom in demand of personalized tables, chips, and cards. Pool tables, air hockey, shuffleboard, and even full-scale arcade games are available for purchase, allowing fans to recreate their favorite gaming experiences – without worrying about their high scores being challenged!

Southern Basement Design

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Media Center

As family lifestyles become more hectic, the free time they spend together is often wanted at home. The availability of flat screen televisions, surround sound, and multiple video, audio, and gaming systems allows any media experience to be enjoyed at full capacity without leaving home. Specialized lighting can add appropriate ambiance to movie watching or gaming tournaments with a click of the remote. The only issue will be who gets to use it first.

home media room

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Lounging About

For some families, extra space is best outfitted with the amenities needed to relax. Cozy furniture, warm lighting, blankets and bookshelves create a desirable place to retreat while enjoying one another's company.

Craftsman Home Basement

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Many families choose to mix and match the different area suggestions, creating zones of activity within the basement. Additionally, refreshment centers are becoming more popular in finished basements, adding to the level of comfort. These can be uniquely designed, ranging from full-scale kitchens to specialized wet bars. Wine cellars and humidors are also popular in many households. Keep in mind that with refreshments usually come bathrooms. Full baths, saunas, hot tubs, and even guest rooms are prevalent in basements when resources allow.

When it comes to decorating and creating a specific atmosphere, it may be best to consider a theme. This works particularly well for dedicated rooms. If you are choosing to outfit your basement with multiple uses, stick to something that will be enjoyed by everyone without overshadowing any particular area. Your basement is one more opportunity to show how creative you are – don't hold back!

Attempt to use as much of the space as you can. Vertical shelves are great for visible, neat storage, while also giving you further places to display pictures and other treasures. Flooring is important, as the basement room will likely be exposed to heavy traffic flow. Durability and comfort are both vital in addition to stain resistance and sound proofing. Cork flooring is growing in popularity for these reasons. Recessed lighting eliminates overhead and using floor space but can be quite expensive. Sconces are another idea to prevent wasting precious entertainment space.

Some homeowners like the idea of multiple uses but really desire the peace of reading a book without overhearing the poker game going on across the room. Do not give up hope of having both a flexible and functional recreation room. Curtain rails and bi-fold doors/walls can be installed, sectioning off areas in use or opening up the room to its greatest space potential, perfect for privacy or parties.

Country Style Basement

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As you ponder finishing out your basement with a Viva Las Vegas gaming room or a full retreat spa center, keep in mind the space allowed as well as your budget and time constrictions. Take numerous measurements and plan for walking paths and adequate seating. It will be beneficial to pick a large space and plot the exact layout you desire. Homeowners are often surprised to find that a simple ping-pong table can take up a third of a room's floor space when unfolded. It is essential to have a defined plan for what amenities your new basement will contain, in addition to where they will be located. Then discuss your desires with your contractor. They can re-evaluate your design, ensuring the availability of your preferences. Keep from purchasing items until your contractor has agreed to a layout. If you already own specific items, inform your contractor of their existence so those components are not ruled out when adjustments are made. With a little creativity, your former storage unit will be a gathering place unique to your home.

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