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Popular Kitchen Flooring

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Looking around the kitchen, it is difficult to say what gets the most use.

Perhaps it is the refrigerator that quietly hums along, always keeping everything inside fresh and cool. Or maybe it is the dishwasher that relentlessly bustles and swishes as it scrubs the dishes clean over and over again. Then again, what about that butcher block that is daily subjected to the sharp slicing and dicing of the best knives a kitchen has ever seen? In reality, the hardest working part of the kitchen is none other than the floor.

The kitchen floor is subject to daily abuse. Shoes, pets, dishware, liquids, and all other manner of dirt and debris put up a constant attack. It is a wonder there is still flooring left at all! Now that you have looked closer, perhaps you see that wear and tear. What was once vibrant and stylish now looks dingy and out dated. If it is time for a flooring facelift, the options have never been better.

Contemporary Kitchen Flooring
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  • Vinyl – Vinyl is the most popular flooring item when it comes to kitchen spaces. Available in sheets and tiles, vinyl is good on the feet, available in any design imaginable, tough, inexpensive, easy to install and maintain. It can sometimes be susceptible to water damage or staining if not cleaned regularly and as necessary.

Modern Kitchen Flooring
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  • Linoleum – Once the flooring choice of generations past, linoleum is ready to make a comeback. It is tough and easy to clean, just like vinyl. It is also affordable and made from all natural products making it extremely popular with the green movement. As a bonus, what was once considered old fashioned has now become retro. The designs are plentiful and fit seamlessly into today's home styles.

Traditional Kitchen Flooring
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  • Laminate – Laminate has the look of wood without the cost or damage worry. Easy to install, maintain, and afford, laminate is durable and stylish. It can also be laid over existing flooring but often requires professional installation. One drawback to keep in mind – when a portion of the floor becomes worn, the entire floor will need replaced.

Kitchen Tile Floor

  • Tile – Ceramic, porcelain, and quarry are all tile materials ideal for kitchen flooring. Extremely durable, tiles can be individually replaced should they be damaged. Glazed tiles resist stains and can easily be cleaned. Matte or textured glazes are recommended for safety as high gloss tile poses a slipping hazard when wet. Tile does require professional installation to ensure a quality, long-lasting floor.

European Kitchen Flooring
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  • Natural Stone – Ideal for low-traffic kitchens, natural stone is extremely elegant and prohibitively expensive. It requires regular care and sealing due to the possibility of staining.

Luxury Kitchen Flooring
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  • Wood and Carpet – Wood and carpet are materials that could be considered for kitchen flooring but are not recommended. The maintenance for either that is necessary to keep the floor safe and hygienic is intensive and not realistic for high traffic kitchens.

Kitchen flooring has never had so many options. Ask around and see what friends and experienced professionals recommend. Keep in mind what you like and what is realistic for your kitchen lifestyle. With a little research, the perfect kitchen floor will soon be at work in the heart of your home.

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