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Designing the perfect dream home is an involved process, encompassing numerous decisions regarding the smallest details.

Luxury Home Ceiling

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Some of these little choices are much more involved than previously thought. For example, did you know that approximately 1/6 of all interior space is ceilings? The average home ceiling is 8' high, flat, and constructed of materials similar to the walls. "Popcorn" textured ceilings are quite common as the finish is inexpensive and ideal for hiding minor imperfections. Today, these basic ceilings are waning in popularity as homeowners are recognizing the decorative potential above.

Rustic Home Ceiling

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The first aspect to consider is ceiling shape. Various ceiling shapes are responsible for defining and dividing a room, as well as controlling acoustic values:

  • Cathedral – Cathedral ceilings angle upward, following the roof pitch from wall to peak. These ceilings dramatically increase the spaciousness of a room making it an appealing choice for living and dining rooms. Keep in mind that warm air rises, thus making rooms with cathedral ceilings more expensive to heat.
  • Vaulted – Open and airy like the cathedral style, vaulted ceilings roll upward into a half barrel shape. A variation on the vaulted ceiling may be referred to as arched, domed, or barrel. All of these versions require a hefty budget and detailed planning in order to acquire the dramatic effect.

  • Coffered – Coffered ceilings add an artistic effect, as recessed rectilinear panels are placed overheard. These are often formed of hardwood and arranged so as to draw the admiring eye upward.
  • Beamed – Casual spaces are favorites for beamed ceilings. Exposed beams add warmth and comfort without detracting from luxury.
  • Tray – Tray ceilings consist of a soffit angled 45 percent around the room's perimeter, giving the appearance of an inverted tray.

Country Home Ceiling

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Beyond the ceiling shape, there are a number of things that can be done to accent your ceilings.

  • Skylights –Skylights are one addition growing in popularity among homeowners, adding warmth and scope while conveniently remaining out of the way. Once rather unattractive, skylights have come a long way, enhancing clean lines and supporting minimalist decorating concepts.
  • Trim and Moulding – Moulding and trim is both decorative and functional as the details are eye appealing while hiding joints. Where walls and ceiling meet, crown moulding is the most commonly placed trim, available in numerous materials and finishes for casual or formal decor.

  • Paint – Most commonly, homeowners paint the ceiling to match the walls. However, this is not the rule and new trends are deviating from this simplicity. When exploring how to further jazz up your ceiling, turn to the color wheel for new tones that will add a fresh look to the entire interior.
  • Texture – Popcorn texturing was mentioned earlier, and is still widely available. For a new approach, try stucco. Stucco plays up the ceiling and draws the eye with minimal effort or expense.

Traditional Home Ceiling

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Whether utilizing a new shape or other decorative elements, paying special attention to the details overhead will ensure your interior decor is complete, floor to ceiling.

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