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Bathroom Sinks

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Choosing the bathroom sink is not as simple a task as many would like to believe.

Luxury Bathroom Sink

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Though the sink is not often the focal point of a dream bathroom, it is certainly used most frequently, even more often than the toilet. With this fact in mind, it is important to give your sink selection some good thought.

Southern Bathroom Sink

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Bathroom sinks are available in numerous styles and it is important to peruse the options:

  • Vanity – The vanity sink is the most common bathroom lavatory. The sink is installed into a cabinet fixture that is ideal for storage and provides counter space.
  • Console table – Looking like a table with ornamental legs, this sink is ideal for small spaces that strive for an open feel.
  • Pedestal – The pedestal sink is similar to the console sink in that it is great for smaller spaces. The basin is supported by one freestanding leg. It is easy to clean around and often provides an antiquated appeal.
  • Wall mount – Supported from its installation to the wall, the wall mount sink is best for creating open space. It is easiest to clean around, but does not provide much counter surface or any built-in storage space.
  • Vessel – This above counter sink is a truly unique style. It is available in many materials, the most notable being decorative glass and stone.

Modern Bathroom Sink

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Though each of these sinks is most often showcased in white porcelain, that option is no longer the rule for bathroom fixtures. Vibrant colors, glass, stone, and metals are all contributing to the unique interior design of the dream bathroom sink.

Before setting your heart on a particular sink, get a general idea of what you want. Is it an elegant, old-world style such as the pedestal sink? Do you need lots of storage space or have other furnishings met that need? After determining what is desired, you must also look at any restrictions, for example, a deep vessel basin will not be practical for a family with small children because they will not be able to reach. Space and budget figures also should be determined and should not be deviated from.

Traditional Bathroom Sink

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Now you are ready to seek the help of a design or home-center professional. When presented with wants, budgets, and special considerations, professional help should be able to guide you to the best fit for your home. Do not forget to inquire about compatible faucets! Specialty or decorative sinks may require custom drilling and faucet installation. This is something to be aware of before making any purchases, so do not hesitate to ask questions. Approaching these major purchases with as much information as possible will ensure your dream bath has everything you want and need.

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