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Jennifer Jones  by Jennifer Jones

Many homes built today have an open area on the second floor that overlooks the space below. These areas commonly referred to as lofts, provide extra square footage for a multitude of different uses. It is a valuable piece of real estate on your second floor that is perfect for so many possibilities, ranging from work areas and sleeping quarters to playrooms and media spaces. Lofts allow the homeowner to open up the space on the other levels by making good use of the extra space. Many people enjoy arranging these trendy open spaces to fit their needs.

Sleeping Space

An extra bedroom or sleeping space is a perfect use for lofty areas that do not supply a lot of overhead space. Some lofts consist of a sloped wall and dormers that make movement in the area quite limited. Fortunately, sleeping is an activity that requires little headspace. Since second floor lofts are separate from the main floor traffic, they often make great sleeping quarters that are cozy and separated from the busier areas of the house. If space is a major issue, a futon or sofa bed is a handy piece of furniture that doubles as a couch and can fold up, taking lass floor space. For loft areas with a lot of floor space, some people decide to add a small bathroom in the area for extra convenience. Additionally, extra bathroom and sleeping space comes in incredibly useful for kid’s sleepovers and visiting friends and family.

loft with large arched window

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An office or hobby space is another popular way that homeowners utilize second floor lofts. It provides extra privacy from the hustle of the main floor and a quieter space to pay bills and work on the computer. Even the smallest of spaces allow for a chair and desk that is perfect for a laptop and other electronics. For larger lofts, you may want to utilize just one corner of the area for a computer, so that the rest of the loft can be used for other activities. Some people will include bookshelves, chairs and a table in their office loft for plenty of convenience while working or doing hobbies. Be sure to choose an area that has easy electrical and phone hook-ups for computers and other gadgets. Many people will add a window in the loft for additional natural light in their office space to help reduce poor lighting that causes headaches.

loft space for relaxing

Sitting Area

A comfortable and quiet relaxing retreat is a great option for an empty loft. It provides a peaceful environment away from busier areas of the home and is perfect for having a private conversation with a friend or reading a book. Some snug chairs, a comfortable couch and a small table for drinks create a peaceful atmosphere that everyone can enjoy. Nearby bookshelves are useful for storing books as well as displaying collectibles and other knick-knacks. Most homeowners make use of their loft space as a calm sitting area.


playroom loft space


Certain lofts can be converted into an excellent playroom. Children love little spaces and small corners of the world where their imaginations can run wild. It is easy to transform a second floor loft into a special place that your children can call their own. Small bookshelves and cupboards are great for storage and accommodate short wall space. Cozy beanbag cushions and throw pillows provide excellent comfortable kid lounging. Kids also love to have a small table and chairs that are just their size and perfect for doing activities. Additionally, the openness of a loft makes monitoring children an easier task. However, be sure the space is kid friendly and safe by checking the security of the railings and other hazards. It is recommended to not go too overboard with kids’ decorations. As the children grow, this space needs to be versatile to adjust to their changing tastes.

Wii loft bonus room

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exercise room

loft music room

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Creative Spaces                                                           

There are a wide variety of other uses that can work well in a loft, depending upon the size of the space. A music area is an elegant option for creating beautiful melodies that resonate throughout the home. Fitness enthusiasts can utilize the extra space into a workout room with a bike or treadmill. If you have a large amount of collectibles or even an antique train set, an open loft area may be perfect for shelves to show off your treasures.


If you are having trouble deciding exactly what to do with your loft area, you may want to take advantage for the extra space for storage. However, be careful not to clutter the area with junk and seasonal items. A single table with a long tablecloth is great for hiding storage boxes underneath as well as providing useful table space on top. Furniture should be placed along the wall whenever possible to save on floor space. Additionally, futons and tables are not only functional, but also provide storage space underneath them. Cupboards and drawers should be taken full advantage of their storage capabilities and also provide a neat and tidy solution. Baskets and decorative boxes are excellent for storage containers that must be left in view.

Home Theater loft

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Family Gathering Spot In loft area

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When planning out the spaces in your home, do not underestimate the possibilities of the multi-functional loft space. As time progresses and families grow, this useful area can adjust according the altering needs of the homeowners. Whether it is used for entertainment, work or sleeping purposes, a second floor loft provides plenty of valuable opportunities for every two-story homeowner.

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