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Create A Comfortable Computer Niche

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Efficient space in the home is a very precious commodity for many homeowners. Especially for larger families, there is not always a spare bedroom or den that can be comfortably converted into an office. We all need storage solutions for books, papers and pieces of office equipment like computers, printers and other electronic devices. Additionally, it does not take an entire room to fill this need. It is easy enough to place a computer on a desk in a room; however, it may appear disorderly and will quickly become cluttered. There are numerous spaces throughout the average home that are perfect for a functional computer niche without compromising the tidiness of the space.


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There are a variety of spaces throughout the home that are not being utilized to their fullest potential. Empty corners, under the stairs and the end of the hallway can all be turned into an organized computer niche. Many homeowners will choose an unused wall of their kitchen area to convert into a computer area. This spot is especially popular for parents who want to safely monitor Internet usage. Closet computer niches are a great use of space and can be hidden away when not in use by simply closing the closet doors. Bay window seats are fairly easy to convert into a desk with storage as well as provide plenty of light and a sunny atmosphere. Loft areas are popular for a computer desk since they provide a practical flow of traffic, yet remains somewhat private on an upper level of the home.

Once you have chosen the area that is to be converted to a computer workspace, the next step is to ensure a power source for the area. Electronic devices like a computer, printer and scanner will all require an electrical outlet to function. Some nooks, like closet spaces, may not have a power supply within reach. It is simple enough to run a power cord
along the base of the walls until there is available
access to the computer area. Some handymen homeowners will drill a hole through the floor and run an electrical cord under the flooring. Remember that the power source should be connected to a surge protector for the safety of the electronic devices. If you do not have a wireless router, cable and dial-up connections will be required to provide Internet connection to the computer and would have to be incorporated into the space as well. Additionally, airflow is an important factor to keep the electronic equipment from overheating and becoming impaired. Adding vents and a small fan can help with this potentially damaging problem.

hallway computer niche



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Proper lighting is essential for a comfortable computer nook. Recessed lighting is cost efficient and can be installed in just about any place with a flat surface and electrical access. Dimmer switches are useful with recessed lighting to provide ambient moods. Track lighting can be adjusted to an exact point of focus, illuminating a specifically desired spot. Lamps can provide different levels of brightness as well as supply an inviting and decorative element to the area. The perfect way of lighting the computer niche mostly depends upon the size limitations of the space.



corner desk computer niche

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Space constraints will also define what type of desk and other furniture that will fit in your computer nook. It is a good idea to measure to space before you purchase a desk to be sure it will correctly fit the area. Corner desks work great for corner niches and provide a comfortable area for the computer as well as ample desk space. A drop-down tabletop can be incredibly useful in the tightest of areas and can fold up when not in use. For extra storage solutions, install shelving on the walls above the desk space and be sure to allow enough clearance to avoid feeling confined in the already small space. This provides much needed space for books and electronic devices like scanners and printers while keeping your desk clean and uncluttered. Vertical columns are the traditional way to hang shelves, however, hanging them in a different pattern can add visual interest to the area.

computer niche in children's bedroom


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The decor of your computer niche can make or break a pleasant atmosphere. Wallpaper helps separate the area from the rest of the home, while adding visual appeal. Some homeowners will paint the space with a bold color to brighten the walls. Other items like a pegboard, bulletin boards, letter and paper holders can add interest as well as provide useful storage solutions and keep your place tidy. A cheerful plant or even a small fish aquarium can supply a natural feel to a plain workspace.

An important key to maintaining an inviting and comfortable computer niche is to keep the area neat and clean. File papers in the appropriate containers and keep supplies in an organized fashion. Once a month, dust your desk and shelves as well as carefully clean your keyboard, computer and other electronic devices. This same standard applies to computer files. Take some time every week to properly organize photo files, work files and clean up your computer desktop. Sticking to these handy principles of tidiness will help keep the stress of organization at a minimum.organized staircase computer niche


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A customized computer station can provide the perfect amount of relaxation and comfort to what can be stressful work looking at a computer screen for hours. With just a little bit of planning, every homeowner can create a handy computer nook that is perfect for all members of the family. There is no need to devote an entire room to an office. Instead, utilized that empty closet or area next to the stairs to form the ideal computer niche.

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