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Popular Kitchen Upgrades

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Whether as small as your closet or as open as the living room, the kitchen is known as the heart of the home.

Family and friends frequently gather in this space, eager to share conversation and a home cooked meal. Unfortunately, not all kitchen spaces are up to this task. While perfectly functional, some kitchens lack the style and warmth that once drew people together.

Kitchen renovations are often at the top of to-do lists. However, such large scale undertakings are often prohibitively expensive, leaving homeowners feeling resentful towards a high trafficked space in their home. Not a good combination! Which is why it is important to take a closer look. In most cases, a drastic overhaul is unnecessary- nothing more than a simple makeover is needed.

Southern Home Kitchen

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Kitchen Pantry

  • Family Friendly – From the start, most kitchens are not designed for use by multiple ages. However, in family homes, children are using the kitchen space just as often as adults, though perhaps not in the same ways. It's important to make some areas of the kitchen "kid-friendly." Whether it's a cabinet, low shelf, or special drawer, it could be a good idea to designate a small area for the children. Art supplies, school work, and kid friendly snacks or dishes are all items that can be placed where children can reach them without help. Having such supplies on hand allow kids to work on projects while adults work on dinner. Once again, the kitchen is a family space.

Craftsman Home Kitchen Pantry
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  • Smart Storage – Hidden away or laying in plain sight, it is important to cull the clutter and create an organization system that works. Imagine opening a cabinet door for a spice and finding any number of spices in different jars of all shapes and sizes. Some are labeled, some are mysterious, and some are very old. Taking all those spices and investing in uniform jars and labels can eliminate the mayhem and make the space exceedingly more functional. The same sort of system can be applied in the pantry by dividing bulk items into specially labeled storage containers. Drawers can be inlaid with dividers and cabinets can incorporate additional racks to keep dishware neat and accessible.

Ranch Home Kitchen
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  • Clear the Counters – Though it sounds so simple, clearing all the clutter from counters, work spaces, and other surfaces create a streamlined look. For artwork and family pictures, notes and mail, set up a family communication center off to the side. This keeps random odds and ends off the counters and allows the space to be used as it was intended- food! Uninhibited work spaces make any cooking task that much simpler.

Luxury Home Kitchen
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  • Lighten Up – Dark kitchen spaces can appear dingy or dirty even when perfectly sterilized. Consider repainting the walls and installing better lighting. Light colors open the room and reflect light, both natural and artificial. Dimmer switches and under cabinetry task lights are simple, inexpensive do-it-yourself projects that can truly change how the space appears.

Kohler Cordial Kitchen Sink
Photo courtesy of Kohler

  • Switch it Out – Such simple changes as fresh curtains and linens in the kitchen can give the place a cheerful fresh appearance. Get rid of those dingy towels. Those that are less than effective should be tossed out, while gently worn towels can be donated to animal shelters or other organizations that seek clean linen donations.

  • Hardware – Would you believe it if someone said that changing the faucet could change the entire appearance of a room? Well you should! Knobs, handles, faucets and hinges are all small items that make a big difference when replaced all at once. These small accessories are often the items that can make or break a room's style.

Traditional Home Kitchen
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  • Flooring & Cabinetry –Flooring and cabinets are the two items that are most prevalent in a kitchen space. They immediately catch the eye simply because there is so much to see. Completely replacing the floor and cabinets is a desire of many homeowners. However, if such a project is not in the budget, all hope is not lost. Staining or repainting cabinets is a simple task that can completely change a room's appearance. Floors can be a pain to replace, but snap and lock flooring is inexpensive, popular, and easy to install compared to other options.

Country Home Kitchen
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All of these upgrades may be on your improvement list while others may be put off for another time. Whatever tasks you choose to undertake, even the slightest effort can rejuvenate this central home space.

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