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Have you always loved Ranch style homes? Luxury style homes? Or, are you looking for a home to build on a beach or in a coastal area, but haven’t figured out the style you want? Searching for your dream house plan by style may be the best way for you. We have taken every house plan and categorized them so they can be searched by style easily and quickly all in one place. This is also a great way to become familiar with the architectural details of a certain style and determine the differences between similar house designs. Learn your tastes and preferences here and discover what architectural details create the home of your dreams.

A-Frame House Plans A-Frame House Plans

The A-frame home is the perfect design for areas with heavy snowfalls since they are designed to help heavy snow slide to the ground instead of remaining on top of the house.

Acadian House Plans Acadian House Plans

Acadian homes are built of native cypress wood that is not affected by moisture or insects. They are typically raised on blocks to protect from flooding, termites and summer heat.

Adobe & Southwestern Home Designs Adobe & Southwestern Home Designs

Adobe style homes are comfortable, eco-friendly and are especially practical in dry climates. Adobe/Southwestern style homes are usually one-level and have flat roofs, covered porches and vigas (round log ceiling beams).

Arts & Crafts House Plans Arts & Crafts House Plans

Arts and Crafts floor plans offer a way to connect with nature and get back to a more simple lifestyle. Browse these stylish Craftsman designs and discover the perfect home.

Beach & Coastal House Plans Beach & Coastal House Plans

Beach home plans and coastal house designs use wood or concrete piers to create safer foundations offering less chance of flooding. These homes offer plenty of windows and doors for added sunlight and great views. Plus, they often use vibrant colors to add even more to their personality.

Berm House Plans Berm House Plans

Berm home designs are one of the most energy efficient types of homes to build. Three sides of this home are literally tucked into the earth taking better advantage of the steady temperatures the soil provides.

Bungalow House Plans Bungalow House Plans

The bungalow style home features one and half stories with most of the living spaces on the first floor, efficient floor plans, and a low-pitched roof. In the Bungalow style, many times the living room is at the center of the home, making this style truly family friendly.

Cabin & Cottage House Plans Cabin & Cottage House Plans

Cabin plans and cottage house designs are smaller dwellings with 1-1 1/2 stories. This style of home is often used for weekend or summer getaways and has a relaxed, casual feel.

Cape Cod & New England House Plans Cape Cod & New England House Plans

Cape Cod house designs and New England style home plans are symmetrical and feature 1 or 1 ½ stories. Shutters, which used to be essential to block wind and rain, are now used as decorative items to maintain the original look.

Colonial House Plans Colonial House Plans

Maintaining a simplistic design, and adding luxuries that are in demand, Colonial style home designs have withstood the test of time and are sure to remain a fixture decorating America.

Contemporary House Plans Contemporary House Plans

Contemporary house designs are typically asymmetrical and feature unique wall angles and irregular shaped windows for an abundance of light. Bold design characterize these homes that also feature open, flexible floor plans and minimal decorative elements.

Country French House Plans Country French House Plans

Ranging from charming cottage homes to large estates, Country French homes are characterized by the use of brick, stone or stucco and steep hip roof lines.

Country House Plans Country House Plans

A welcoming front porch, second-floor dormers and symmetrical windows characterize the Country home. As a grand space to enjoy the outdoors, the front porch is the focal point of this design.

Craftsman House Plans Craftsman House Plans

Craftsman homes also usually feature a wide, open porch anchored by foundation pillars for an enchanting outdoor living space. With its use of several natural materials, building a Craftsman home is a way to slow down and enjoy Mother Nature.

Early American House Plans Early American House Plans

Early American House Plan exteriors exude stately elegance. With their balanced exterior, use of columns, formal and informal areas, these homes create the perfect floor plan for entertaining as well as family time.

English Cottage House Plans English Cottage House Plans

Designed for families and empty nesters alike, if you’re looking for a home with a picturesque style, look no further than these English Cottage homes.

European House Plans European House Plans

European house plans can incorporate an abundance of different architectural elements, but more often these homes are larger and luxurious with rich, stately features.

Farmhouse Plans Farmhouse Plans

Farmhouses are simply framed and usually rectangular in shape. The focal point of this design is the covered wrap-around porch, which beckons people to sit back and relax, generation after generation.

Florida House Plans Florida House Plans

These homes provide a casual and relaxed feel with multiple windows and verandas for enjoying seaside breezes. Florida homes are designed to be durable since they can be exposed to strong weather conditions and high humidity.

Georgian House Plans Georgian House Plans

Georgian style homes are commonly seen with wood exteriors, but many also have brick exteriors, and they are always two-story with classic symmetrical lines.

Greek Revival House Plans Greek Revival House Plans

With its simple lines, symmetrical shape and bold, yet simple moldings, the Greek Revival style became one of the most popular in the United States.

Italian House Plans Italian House Plans

Italian style homes feature a flat or low-pitched roof, widely overhanging eaves with large decorative brackets underneath, tall narrow windows and sometimes elaborate wrap-around porches.

Lake House Plans Lake House Plans

Whether a getaway vacation cottage, extravagant waterfront estate or somewhere in-between, these Lake house plans boast enchanting designs for warm, family living.

Log Cabin House Plans Log Cabin House Plans

Log Cabins can be handcrafted, using timbers that maintain their natural appearance, or milled to remove the natural imperfections to obtain timbers of the same size and appearance.

Log House Plans Log House Plans

A log house is typically made from logs that have not been milled into conventional lumber. There are two kinds of log homes: “handcrafted” and “milled.” Our collection of log home plans includes many styles and sizes to choose from.

Lowcountry House Plans Lowcountry House Plans

Lowcountry homes typically are placed on raised foundations and feature broad hipped roofs that extend over deep covered front porches. Many of these homes also feature decorative roof dormers.

Luxury House Plans Luxury House Plans

Filled with magnificent amenities, our Luxury House Plans offer homeowners a grand lifestyle. As luxury is subjective, we have incorporated a vast variety of plans for everyone to find their dream Luxury Home.

Mediterranean House Plans Mediterranean House Plans

Designed because of their climate and the sunshine abundant regions they were originally built, Mediterranean homes typically have open floor plans and high ceilings on the interior to keep the spaces airy and cool in hotter months.

Modern Farmhouse Plans Modern Farmhouse Plans

Offering a modern, fresh approach to the original farmhouse, today’s Modern Farmhouses offer an appealing open floor plan that is optimized for efficient daily function. Their exteriors use texture thanks to a variety of materials as a way of creating interest and curb appeal, while maintaining a simple, single color scheme such as white or another neutral color.

Modern House Plans Modern House Plans

With innovative design elements, these house plans tend to focus on the relationship between the exterior and interior. Ranging from almost any type of floor plan, the Modern house is not bound to specific rules.

Mountain House Plans Mountain House Plans

Mountain House Plans are typically built on rugged hillside lots. Wide, open interiors with expansive windows allow homeowners to enjoy their vast scenic views.

Multi-Family House Plans Multi-Family House Plans

A multi-family home is a single building that is divided to accommodate more than one family. These types of homes are a great way to build a home for you and your family as well as a great investment as rental units.

Neoclassical House Plans Neoclassical House Plans

Neoclassical style home designs include a symmetrical shape, tall columns, sometimes a domed roof and classic ornamentation. There are many variations including Federalist and Idealist styles.

Plantation House Plans Plantation House Plans

These luxurious Plantation designs recall the glory days of the South and its opulence, combining the finest amenities yet still offering all the comforts of home.

Prairie House Plans Prairie House Plans

Prairie style homes are designed with several elements including masonry piers, a wide porch, a cantilevered floor and exterior finishes such as stone, plaster with wood trim, or board and batten.

Ranch House Plans Ranch House Plans

The Ranch style house plan is a one-story house and a great bargain for homeowners. The perfect ranch home floor plan can be found at House Plans and More.

Rustic House Plans Rustic House Plans

Rustic house plans are designed for comfort and warmth. Featuring timber or stone siding, the exterior of these homes blends with their surroundings. House Plans and More offers the perfect rustic home plan designs.

Saltbox House Plans Saltbox House Plans

Saltbox house designs have just one story in the back and two stories in the front, imparting a Traditional look. Browse House Plans and More's saltbox style homes and find the perfect floor plan for you.

Santa Fe House Plans Santa Fe House Plans

Santa Fe style plans include a variety of other styles commonly referred to as Pueblo, Spanish Revival, Adobe or Mission homes. Santa Fe homes are a unique style that perfectly suits the Southwest and New Mexico landscapes.

Shingle House Plans Shingle House Plans

Several architects started using shingles as siding creating the Shingle style that has an informal composition and reflects a more rustic and relaxed feel. Shingle style homes could often appear weathered like something battered on the New England coast.

Southern House Plans Southern House Plans

The Southern Home Plan has several different styles, which are distinguished by their porch. House Plans and More can help craft this endearing floor plan.

Southern Plantation House Plans Southern Plantation House Plans

The luxurious Southern Plantation Home Plan designs recall the glory days of the South. House Plans and More can create a great Southern Plantation Home Plan.

Southwestern House Plans Southwestern House Plans

Southwestern style homes are comfortable, eco-friendly and practical in dry climates. House Plans and More can help create a great Southwestern home plan.

Spanish House Plans Spanish House Plans

The low-pitched red-tiled roof, stucco wall surface, and heavy ornamentation of Spanish House Plans can be created perfectly with the help of House Plans and More.

Sunbelt House Plans Sunbelt House Plans

Sunbelt homes all commonly have open floor plans, stucco siding, tile roofs and plenty of outdoor living spaces perfect for taking in views of the surroundings. Their design makes them very popular in coastal areas.

Traditional House Plans Traditional House Plans

Traditional House Plans come in a variety of sizes and styles. These home plans have great curb appeal and feature covered entries and gabled front exteriors.

Tudor House Plans Tudor House Plans

Typically one and a half to two stories, Tudor homes are designed for comfortable family living incorporating stonework and timbers into the facade evoking Medieval times.

Vacation House Plans Vacation House Plans

Open floor plans, large outdoor living spaces, and abundant windows to take in the surrounding views characterize Vacation House Plans.

Victorian House Plans Victorian House Plans

Bay windows, turrets and multiple rooflines create the Victorian Home. These asymmetrical designs often feature wide verandas and grand towers as well.

Waterfront House Plans Waterfront House Plans

With relaxing interiors designed to take in the scenic views, waterfront homes offer peace and tranquility. Large porches, balconies, and an abundance of windows offer seamless transitions from indoors to out.