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  by Kimberly Blackford

rustic country kitchen

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The scent of sugary sweet cinnamon apple pie drifts from the kitchen’s oven. At the same time a big pot of chicken noodle soup simmers on the stove. Meals like this take you right back to your favorite spot as a child, your grandmother’s kitchen, and the place where most great memories from your childhood were made. Her country kitchen was the heart of the home, a place where everyone would gather to tell stories, play games, enjoy meals, and share tidbits about their day. It was comforting and inviting, but also perfectly functional for putting together huge country dinners on Sunday nights without a hitch. You probably think a place with so much nostalgia and timeless style can no longer exist, especially in a new home. But, nostalgia can be recreated when you plan to design a country kitchen of your own. Your country kitchen can offer just the place to create memories all over again, so one day when you look back you will know your cherished place has been branded into the memories of others.

elegant rustic country kitchen

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But, how do you re-create this revered place in your home? Besides making your country kitchen an inviting spot with plenty of hospitality, there are aesthetic ways to transform your kitchen into something spectacular.

classic country kitchen

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First and foremost, you need to identify what type of country setting you are aiming for before you start selecting any finishes or accessories. Are you dying for a timeless farmhouse feel, or a rustic country haven with more coziness? Other country styles include a luxury gourmet kitchen with a country feel as well as the popular Country French inspired kitchen many luxury homes are including now. Whatever you love, narrow down your choice to something that will be welcoming everyday.


craftsman country kitchen

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However you decide to design your kitchen, from the finishes to the countertops and cabinets will definitely dictate which direction of country style you have decided upon. For example, if you love rustic country, then wood cabinets in rustic brown, barn red, or even with log style accents or brushed nickel hardware will create the perfect rustic kitchen setting. While on the opposite spectrum of country style, selecting distressed or antiqued cream or white cabinets and white marble countertops offer the perfect Country French or Farmhouse style backdrop. The same goes for flooring. Select rustic tones for a cozy, casual feel and either light colored wood flooring for a formal kitchen, or opt for contrast and select chocolate brown wood flooring to offset the white or cream cabinetry for a richer feel. Choosing wider planks tends to add that timeless country touch. Keep in mind that color instantly sets a mood within a space, so use cozy yellows, beiges, reds and browns for a more rustic feel and stick with white, cream and bold punches of color for a refreshing, slightly modern industrial style country kitchen. 

luxury country french kitchen

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Now that you have a general idea of the color palette and the overall style direction, think about the things that make a country kitchen special – those are the details that make all the difference!

Unique cabinet details will up your charm quotient by a mile. Think about adding beautiful crown moldings to the top of your cabinets, under-cabinet brackets, or choose bead board for the front of your cabinets for added texture and a custom feel. Select wide-plank fronts that give off more of a barn design. Some cabinet lines feature open plate storage and cup hangers for extra character and function as well.

Another great way to add detail is by choosing glass front cabinets and substituting some cabinet space with shelving instead. Open concept glass cabinets not only add interest, but they help make the kitchen appear larger. The shelving, of course is just as functional, while providing the ideal way to show off a prized china set, or even a cookbook collection that’s often easy to overlook.

If you want to take your rustic country kitchen to a new level, then consider adding ceiling beams in rustic rough sewn wood and make your kitchen instantly feel like it has been transported from centuries ago especially if you are live in a log home or long for a truly authentic farmhouse feel.



Here are several accessories that make a country kitchen stand out from its counterparts:

Pot Racks – If you’re lucky enough to have a center island workspace, then nothing screams country more than a pot rack hanging above. Hang copper pots and skillets in all sizes and shapes and suddenly you have a country focal point along with additional storage right at your fingertips. Plus, the kitchen island is a welcome spot to simply grab a stool, roll up your sleeves and help with the meal being prepared. Isn’t that what that special country feeling is really all about?

country farmhouse kitchen






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Vintage Plumbing Fixtures and Hardware – Look for oversized extra-deep ceramic sink basins and vintage looking faucet hardware and suddenly your sink looks a hundred years old.

Country Collectibles – No country kitchen is complete without a few flea market finds, or unique one-of-a-kind family treasures displayed throughout. Less is more; so small doses of these extra special items will make each one more special and keep your kitchen from getting too kitschy. For other great finds scour local flea markets or antique sales for old tables, perfect as a center island or prep space. Also, old doors, chairs and other repurposed pieces would add a ton of personality.


luxury country kitchen



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Lighting Options – Choosing lighting can be a little overwhelming, but often industrial oversized hanging lights look spectacular in a clean, simple farmhouse setting. Another great option is chandeliers, which can be as rustic as an antler style, or as formal as crystal for Country French styled kitchens.

Simple Arrangements – Use the things you need daily in your kitchen like plates, cups, pitchers and bowls as decoration. Whether you opt for bold Americana colors that stand out against a neutral background, or you select a monochromatic look where the accessories match the surroundings; think white on white, or cream on cream, the simplicity and style of arranging these useful items in a decorative manner will be well appreciated.

cheerful country kitchen

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Whatever direction of country style you take with your kitchen, it can’t be disputed that country style brings charm and personality to whatever it touches. Transform your kitchen into a thing of beauty from the past where countless memories are bound to be created; and, where family and friends are always going to end up for meals, stories and special occasions.

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