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Bathroom Tubs

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When it comes to a dream bathroom, certainly every homeowner will admit the bathtub is an important feature.

Luxury Master Bathroom

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Once a small, barely functional rectangle tucked into the wall, the bathtub has fast become a popular symbol of rest and relaxation within the home, available in an expanding array of shapes, sizes, and materials:


Alcove tubs are the standard American bathtub. These frontal exposure tubs are on the shallow side, typically include a shower, and are available with limited customizable options.

Free standing

These tubs are often referred to as "antique." The clawed feet and exposed pipes give an elegant, old-world impression, perfect for elaborate decor.

Modern Master Bathroom

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Walk-in tubs are quickly gaining in popularity for both the elderly and handicapped. These tubs are smaller, but allow entering and exiting with minimal fear of slipping. Customizable options include seating and whirlpool jets.


These tubs are floor mounted, with steep sides. The deep bottom provides the perfect atmosphere for soaking and relaxing but do pose some danger upon entering and exiting. These tubs can also be difficult to repair as plumbing is hidden beneath.


Garden tubs are not whirlpools nor do they provide shower capabilities. However, the expansive deep spa tub makes them ideal for relaxing, especially in large bathrooms with a separate shower. Originally, garden tubs were placed in full view of the outdoors, adding to the peaceful atmosphere. Roman bathtubs are similar to garden tubs, but deeper with different faucet style.

Country Master Bathroom

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Air bath

The air bath is a tub that transforms air in the tub into bubbles that massage the bather. Unlike whirlpool jets, the air bath is all encompassing rather than localized intensity and is slightly gentler.

Southern Master Bathroom

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These tubs are available in materials that range from porcelain on steel (POS), acrylic and fiberglass, to marble or ceramic. Different materials require special installations, so be certain to ask about any extraneous charges that may apply to the purchase of your new tub. Do not forget to "try on" various tubs for size and comfort. Visiting showrooms will allow you to personally see the size and set up of the bathtubs, ensuring the perfect fit for you and your home. In no time at all, the little rectangle fixture of yesteryear will be a distant memory while you rest in your luxurious dream bathtub.

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