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dream home being built

One of the most important questions for someone looking to build a new home is, “How much is it going to cost?” Obviously, you must have an accurate budget in mind prior to ordering house plans and beginning construction, or your dream home will quickly turn into a nightmare. Thanks to House Plans and More and StartBuild, the chance to build your dream home can be a much simpler reality that’s finally within reach.

If you’ve started looking at house plans on, then you already know there are thousands of beautiful homes to choose from. Narrowing down your choices can be quite difficult. Price is always the number one factor when selecting a new home. Price dictates the size and the quality of materials you will choose. So, it comes as no surprise that having an accurate estimate prior to making your final decision on a home is quite possibly the most important step in the entire process. If you’ve feel you have found “the” home, then before taking the step of purchasing house plans, order an estimated cost to build report for the exact zip code where you plan to build. Requesting this custom cost to build report created specifically for you will help educate you on all costs associated with building your new home. Simply order this report and gain knowledge of the material and labor cost associated with the home you love. Not only does the report allow you to choose the quality of the materials, you can also select options in every aspect of the project from lot condition to contractor fees. This report will allow you to successfully manage your construction budget in all areas, clearly see where the majority of the costs lie, and save you money from start to finish.

Listed below are the categories that are included in your estimate. Each category breaks down labor cost, material cost, funds needed, and the report offers the ability to manipulate over/under adjustments if necessary.

Basic Information – This section of the report includes your name, contact information, the state where you intend to build, and zip code. Here, you also will select material class. This portion of the report includes details of the home such as square footage, and the number of windows, fireplaces, balconies, and bathrooms. Deck, basement, or bonus room square footage would be included in this section as well. Garage details are also noted including size, location and number of bays. Lastly, you can select your lot size.

General Soft Costs – This category includes cost for plans, customizing if applicable, building permits, and pre-construction services and planning expenses.

Site Work/Utilities – You have the ability to select your utilities such as water, sewer, electric, and gas. Also, choose the type of site work you will need prior to building and if you’ll need a driveway.

Foundation – Select from a drop-down menu that lists the five most common foundation types (as seen below).

cost to build report sample with drop downs

Framing Rough Shell – Here, you can calculate your rough framing costs including framing for fireplaces, balconies, decks, porches, basements and bonus rooms, so no area of the home will be left out.

Roofing – A huge cost in building can be roofing materials, and here you can choose from several options so you can instantly see how the materials affect your overall price.

Dry Out Shell – This category allows you to select all exterior doors, windows, siding and garage doors.

Electrical – From the wiring, to the quality of the light fixtures, you can select from several choices for the most accurate bid.

Plumbing – This category features plumbing materials, plumbing fixtures, and fire proofing materials. It also includes an area for labor costs, plus the ability to change the quality of the plumbing fixtures.

HVAC – This section includes costs for both labor and materials.

Insulation – This section includes costs for both labor and materials.

Finish Shell – Here drywall, interior doors and trim, stairs, shower doors, mirrors, and bath accessories costs are selected for both labor and materials.

Cabinets & Vanities – Choose the grade of your cabinets, vanities, kitchen countertops, and bathroom vanity materials, as well as appliances.

Painting – Interior and exterior painting materials and their quality, as well as labor are broken down in this category.

Flooring – Choose from over a dozen flooring material options and see how it greatly affects your price.

Special Equipment Needs – StartBuild takes into account special equipment needs and gives you a place to calculate cost for these unforeseen expenses.

Contractor Fee/ Project Manager – Even including the cost of your StartBuild report, this section breaks down project manager fees and general contractor fees. If you’re doing the managing yourself, you can keep your costs down tremendously in this portion of the report.

Land Payoff – Include the cost of your land in this category.

Reserves / Closing Costs – Right down to the closing, StartBuild has included interest, contingency reserves, and closing costs in the final section.

Finally, the entire report is summarized with totals for soft and hard costs, material allowance, land, reserves and closing costs.

StartBuild has taken the guesswork out of what your dream home will cost you. Investing in a cost to build report will allow you to take control of your homebuilding project, determine where much of the expense is located, and ultimately save you money. It allows you to supervise all cost aspects, from labor to various grades of materials chosen. Manage your home building with ease and confidence and avoid costly mistakes and unexpected expenses. Let the residential experts at StartBuild jump start your plan for a new home and finally make it reality.

If you want to order a Cost To Build Report for the home you love, simply visit the plan page for the home on and look for “Request Your Report” as shown below to get started.


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