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Bathroom Vanities

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Traditionally, the bathroom vanity is a countertop with basin sink and storage underneath – complete with exposed plumbing that significantly decreases available storage space.

Craftsman Home Bathroom Vanity

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Today's dream baths are moving far beyond this simplicity, incorporating vanities that serve whatever purpose one may require.

Dual-vanities are extremely popular among dream home master baths. These typically include two sink basins with adequate counter space in between and storage underneath. Occasionally a separate makeup vanity may also be placed in the room. Other bathrooms may have small sink areas with a separate, spacious vanity that encompasses the length of an entire wall with seating, special lighting, and full mirrors included.

Modern Bathroom Vanity

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Vanities can be decorative and ornate or modern and sleek. Adding to the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom vanity, a new trend is emerging among these fixtures. Vanities are now being designed as freestanding pieces of furniture, excellent for making the most of spacious master baths. Additionally, separate dressing tables and storage cabinets may be part of a vanity set. Unlike built-ins, these pieces are moveable, allowing the vanity to become an heirloom rather than a forgotten bathroom countertop.

Luxury Bathroom Vanity

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Built-in or freestanding, most vanities are comprised of one of three materials:

  • Natural stone – quite durable and a style trend
  • Wooden base – not as durable, but common and comforting
  • Frosted glass/Stainless steel – extremely durable with an "artsy" modern appeal

Whichever style is preferred, it is important to ensure that the vanity piece is functional and moisture resistant. Vanities should be as durable as possible while providing adequate storage. Cluttered vanity tops detract from the beauty and spa-like atmosphere desired in today's dream baths, so pay attention to cabinetry and drawer space before investing. With a little research and some personal style, your dream vanity will be a perfect fit.

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