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Seasonal Topics And Special Interest

Luxury Home With Holiday Decorations


It's that time of the year when the night air starts to make you shiver. Chances are, it's time to evaluate your home and make sure it has been winterized properly so all that expensive heat doesn't escape through the cracks. This article discusses 5 easy was to winterize your home from top to bottom.

European Home Master Bathroom

A Holistic Home – Living Your Best Life

Making your home holistic involves building it green, using the most natural materials and building the floor plan to better suit your life and health. This topic may be especially interesting for empty-nesters looking for a healthier way of living or anyone who suffers from chronic health problems and wants to improve their surroundings.

Beautiful Colonial two-story house plan

American Colonial Architecture

Just as America is one big melting pot, the architecture and design attributes that make up the many Colonial styles are blended from many types of people and cultures. Learn all the different types of Colonial style characteristics here.

thumbnail of nuts, bolts and screws

ALL ABOUT Fixings and Fasteners

Start your home projects right by making sure you choose the right tools and materials to get the job done easily and in the right manner. This article on fixings and fasteners details everything you need to know.

raised ranch home thumbnail


Offering the square footage of a two-story home, but with the convenient floor plan characteristics of a ranch home with everything on one-level, raised ranch homes, or split-level homes are a great alternative that you should consider before selecting a house plan.

mosquito thumbnail


When the weather turns warmer and you spend more time outdoors doing the things you love, soon you will realize you must take measures to control yourself and your gardens from pests such as ants, mosquitoes and termites. Here are several natural ways to carry this through without harming other living things.

Casual Beach Cottage with pier foundation

Arriving At Your Vacation Home

It's vacation time and you're ready to head to your special retreat away from the everyday stresses of life. But, instead of a welcoming feel when you arrive, you are greeted by a musty smell that you hope you can make disappear before you have to leave. Here's some tips on keeping your favorite vacation home fresh and clean for every visit all throughout the year.

baby boomer aged couple on the front porch of their home

Baby Boomer Home Design

With millions of Americans reaching this pinnacle age, home design is learning to adapt so this group can enjoy independent and comfortable living for as long as they possibly can. This article also details many inexpensive changes you can make to your home to meet a baby boomer's needs.

thermometer thumbnail


With the temperatures soaring, here are some helpful and healthy tips for beating the heat both inside your home and out. Keep cool and safe all throughout the warmer months of the year.

woman doing crafts

Beating The Winter Blues

When the weather remains cold for days on end, learn how to beat those winter blues and conquer symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder, or what is known as SAD. There are many ways to self-treat these symptoms as you will see in this article.

fall patio thumbnail


Like many, you probably spend more time in your yard in the beautiful weather often Fall brings. But, your surroundings after a long hot summer are less than to be desired. Learn how to keep your yard looking its best well in the cold months of winter with great plant choices and other ideas.

Berm style home design thumbnail

Berm Homes - Living With the Earth

Berm style homes are making a comeback. Maybe it's the energy efficiency, low maintenance, aesthetically pleasing style and resistance to natural disasters making them so popular. See why a berm home design may be perfect for you.

McKesson volunteers for Riverside Community Care

Caring for Community Children

This inspiring article discusses McKesson Corporation's dedication to ill children with their community Wall Art projects all throughout the United States. Read how these employees volunteer their time to create playful and inspiring wall murals in hospitals, day care centers and schools all across the country.

holiday cookies and cocoa

Christmas Meal Traditions Across America

From sunny California and its Mexican flavors and influence to New England with turkey and all its Traditional trimmings, all across America each region's traditions at the holidays are inspired by all those who settled there and brought their customs and cuisines to the area.

A Christmas tree bright with white lights


With the magic of the holidays, there are also hidden household dangers that can result in an unexpected emergency such as a fire. Read this important article and learn how to fire-proof your holiday season while still enjoying the holidays to their fullest potential.

Living Green


You've taken the time to build your home "more green", but now what? Your quest for living a greener life doesn't have to end there. This article points out some of the great green household products and materials available to homeowners today. Keep green living a part of your everyday life with some of these terrific products.

winter berries and cinnamon sticks

Eco-Friendly Holiday Home Decorating

Use the beauty of things found in nature such as pinecones, acorns, berries and pine to beautify your home this holiday season. Not just nostalgic, these items will create a "greener" home throughout the entire holiday season.

ranch home design thumbnail


It seems no matter the decade, ranch homes continue to be the style of choice for most homeowners. Learn the history of the ranch home style, how it evolved and what characteristics make it so loved.

Pumpkins in Cart

Fabulous For Fall - GET YOUR HOME

Transitioning from Summer to Fall doesn't just have to happen outdoors. Take some cues from this article and see how some minor decorating changes can take your interior from so-so to so cozy and all ready for the best Fall has to offer.

Autumn leaves


Fall comes alive thanks to the vibrant colored leaves that grace the trees each year. If you're looking for fall fun, plant some trees that will change colors that complement your home and its surroundings. Or, dive into a family project using Wall Art do-it-yourself patterns and let the whole family create a decorative fall scene for your front or backyard.

entry closet

Fall Indoor Cleaning Checklist

Get your home ready and organized for the holidays and new year by checking some of these helpful cleaning tips off your to-do list.

gutter full of leaves thumbnail

Fall Outdoor Cleaning Checklist

This list will give you a great jumpstart in getting all of your fall outdoor chores completed before the cold weather blows in. Use this checklist each year to get your home ready for winter.

fall fun for the outdoors

Fantastic Fall FUN PROJECTS

There's nothing like a family outing to a farmer's market or orchard to get you in the fall mood. With colorful varieties of apples everywhere you look, you'll soon decide you need to take home some of that Fall spirit and incorporate these sights and smells of fall into your own home. This article includes a great recipe for toasted pumpkin seeds and a dried apple wreath.

thumbnail flooded town and streets

Flood Clean Up TIPS

As countless homeowners try to recover from damaging high water and monumental flooding, learn how to properly attack the clean-up efforts so that you and your family are safe, healthy and hopefully fully recovered from this catastrophe in less time than you could ever imagine.

House with American flag on pole


Did you know there are dos and don'ts when it comes to hanging the American flag? This article explains how to properly display the American flag and it also explains the days best suited for flag hanging all year-round.

cozy fireplace and fall decor thumbnail


Let the beauty of Fall spread into your home's surroundings from the front entry right into your home's interior spaces. These great ideas and tips will have your home filled with that fall feeling in no time at all.

box or ornaments thumbnail


Every year it seems homeowners find themselves wrestling with wreaths and getting tangled in the tinsel. Learn how to best store all of your Christmas decorations so each year decorating for the holidays will be spirited and fun and less of a chore.

House Plan Office

Green Building BENEFITS

It is possible to build your new house green. And, even doing the slightest change to a floor plan in the direction of better efficiency can provide your family with a healthier environment while saving money in the long run. Learn more about green building right here. Even the smallest change can make a difference.

log home thumbnail


Go back and time learn about the history of the soldiers who fought for our country's independence and learn how they lived while fighting for our country's freedom.

clutter thumbnail


Learn how to break away from the destructive behavior of hoarding and free yourself of the clutter with this thoughtful article. See how to overcome the feeling of hoarding and discover ways to move past the clutter and re-organize your life.

thumbnail image of dog under the Chrsitmas tree

Holiday Pet Safety TIPS

All those beautiful holiday decorations and rich holiday meals can pose a serious threat to your pet. Read these great tips for keeping your precious pets safe and sound all throughout the holiday season.

Kohler Crevasse Kitchen Sink

Home Food Safety TIPS

Not sure if you're properly storing the food in your house? This article explains how to keep food so that it remains safe, fresh and healthy for all those who live in within your household. From cleaning surfaces to properly setting the temperature in your refrigerator, this article covers all the bases.

beautiful country kitchen

Home Staging THAT WILL

Home staging is one of the most popular concepts when selling a home today. Sellers are looking for fantastic ways to "spruce up" their home and make it appear in its best light. This article describes several sure-fire ways to get your home noticed by home buyers.

kitchen with many houseplants thumbnail


Before you buy houseplants for the spaces in your home, read what types of plants thrive and find the ideal plant for your lifestyle.

grown grandaughter and grandfather thumbnail

Housing SOLUTIONS For The
"Sandwich Generation"

Families all across the world are experiencing a new style of living; one that involves multi-generations living under one roof. The family members who are the age group between the oldest and youngest family members are the "Sandwich Generation." See how to find a house perfect for this special living situation.

Christmas lights

How to Enjoy a "Greener" Christmas

Some of the facts in this article about how much is wasted during the holidays is a bit startling, but read how very simple changes can allow you to use less during the holidays thanks to the three R's - reducing, reusing and recycling.

pine tree and pinecone thumbnail image

How To Recycle Your Christmas Tree

Putting up a real Christmas tree is one step closer to living green, but carry it through and learn many ways to recycle your tree and make use of it outdoors and indoors.

Katrina Cottage House Plan

Katrina Cottages - Rebuilding Hope

Offered as a solution to the FEMA trailer after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, Katrina Cottages became an instant sensation and provided families along the gulf coast with modest, yet stylish housing they could be proud of. Marianne Cusato's ingenious concept quickly became a hit and now Katrina Cottages scatter the gulf coast while still maintaining the charm of the South.

rustic lake home design thumbnail

Lake House MaintenancE TIPS

Who wants to arrive at their lake house for vacation and encounter maintenance problems? Take some terrific cues from this article and make sure your lake house is maintained and ready fro you and your family the minute you arrive!

Luxury italian ranch home thumbnail


With ranch home living still being the most popular, see how to take your ranch home living experience and up the luxury quotient. This article takes you through how to make your luxury ranch living experience the best it can be thanks to the countless features these home offer for their homeowners.

thumbnail of open floor plan in a small house

Living Large In A Small Home

Now more than ever, homeowners are building small, stylish homes to call their own. Learn how to make your small home living experience ideal for all of your needs.

black-eyed peas and lentils thumbnail


Before celebrating the stroke of midnight, take a look at the foods that are considered to be the luckiest and most prosperous so you can begin the new year with luck on your side.

made in america thumbnail


Learn how an ABC News story encouraged a home builder in Montana to take the ultimate challenge and build a new home entirely constructed of products manufactured in America.

family packing to move

Move With Ease

From tossing the clutter to labeling the boxes in the correct manner, this article goes through many important ways to make your move simple and easy. Stay organized on this busy day with the following helpful tips.

family unpacking boxes in their dream home

Moving tips: Organizing for a Successful Move

Use this helpful timeline to start organizing your move weeks in advance. This great article breaks down the big and small tasks and explains exactly when you should begin to tackle everything in order to get all tasks completed in time for the big day.

clock striking midnight thumbnail


Whether you're shooting off fireworks at the stroke of midnight or your sitting down to a meal of roast pork and black-eyed peas, the traditions and customs celebrated at the beginning of each new year have interesting histories.

home moving tips

Packing And Moving Savings Tips For A Stress-Free Move

There are easier and more organized ways to do just about anything. This article touches on some of the basic ways to simplify your move and keep it from becoming so stressful. Being organized and prepared from the start will keep you on the right track as you move from place to place. Here are some great tips for doing just that.

open log floor plan

Perfect Log Home Floor PlanS

If you're getting ready to find a log home floor plan that is the one of your dreams, be sure to read this article and determine all the amenities, layout ideas and design extras to consider so you select the perfect log home floor plan for now and many years to come.

radiant floor heating system

Radiant Floor Heating

Outside it's blustery and cold, but here you sit on your hardwood floor in the dead of winter feeling all toasty. This is only a reality with radiant floor heating. Tubing with warm air or water is laid below the floor's surface so that a steady and pleasant temperature can be achieved all throughout the year. This is just another way to make your dream home greener and instantly livable for colder climate conditions.

ranch house plan

Ranch Living - Past, Present & Future

Loved by homeowners new and old, the ranch style house plan continues to be the most popular style home to this day. Learn the benefits of living in a one-story home design as well as the flexibility this style offers those who live there.

home alarm system thumbnail


Whether it's the holiday season or not, a homeowner's #1 priority is keeping their family and home safe from crime and fire. This article focuses on ways to keep crime from affecting your home and family while also providing excellent tips for fire safety.

Luxury Home Safe Room


Whether seeking a safe place for valuables or family heirlooms, or you're looking for a place that provides the ultimate protection from the elements, a safe room is a great addition to any house plan. Give your family all the protection they deserve and consider adding a safe room to the house design you select.

As The Seasons Change, So Does The Decor


As the seasons change, take cues from the climate changes outdoors and change the decor of your home on the inside. Discover ways to "warm up" the interior of your home when the weather turns chilly and brighten and keep your home airy when it heats up.

Traditional Home with Sloping Lot

Selecting The Perfect Home For Your Lot

Some may think of a sloping lot as a disadvantage, but in many ways, they offer some terrific opportunities for enjoying surroundings views and utilizing a walk-out basement foundation. Refer to this article for some fantastic ideas on handling a sloping lot.

Kohler efficient bathroom sink

Simple Ways to SAVE MONEY Everyday

It is sometimes hard to believe that lowering your thermostat by a degree or two all the time or even part of the time can actually save a homeowner significant money over any given year. This article points out some of the minimal and simple ways to cut costs without even noticing or sacrificing your living standards and comfort.

chickadee and birdhouse thumbnail

Specific Houses for Specific Birds

If you're looking to add some of nature's featured creatures to your yard, then educate yourself on what type of birdhouses many species of birds like.

thumbnail of couple cooking at home


It can be mind-blowing to see where so much of our hard-earned money goes every single day without much thought. This article pinpoints some of the worst contenders of stealing your hard earned money and it gives great advice on how to avoid wasteful patterns in the future.

lightning thumbnail

Storm Preparedness: Before, During and After

Don't wait until it's too late. Get your family and home in gear for storm season and then know how to handle everything if a big storm does strike and how to pick up the pieces after.

craftsman style ranch home perfect for a narrow lot

Tackling Narrow Lots

Building your dream house plan on a narrow lot may seem like a challenge, but actually a narrow lot can create the opportunity for utilizing some creative design ideas and maximizing your lot to the fullest. Read this article and discover ways to easily tackle a narrow lot.

Thanksgiving meal

Talking Turkey: Best Ways To Cook A Turkey

Stomachs are growling and all the family is gathered. This is your moment to shine. Make sure you have found the best way to cook your turkey for the holidays, so friends and family will enjoy a meal to remember.

American farmhouse thumbnail

The American Farmhouse AND ITS HISTORY

Go back in time and cherish the beauty, function, and timeless appeal of the American Farmhouse style home. These beauties dot the landscape of America from coast to coast and are a celebrated reminder of where we've come from. Enjoy this article on the history of these homes and what architectural styles influenced them.

a-frame style home thumbnail

The History of A-Frame Style HomeS

Common as vacation homes with their unusual roof line and modern overall style, A-Frame homes may have gotten some of their characteristics from Swiss Chalets, but an American architect made them what they are here in the United States back when families began to seek vacations homes for relaxation.

classic bungalow style home design


Travelling from halfway around the world, bungalow style homes offer great style in an affordable package that can suit the needs of many people at various stages in their lives. Learn about the history of bungalow style homes and see why this home may be the perfect fit for you.

beautiful acadian house design

The History of French Creole Architecture

As colorful as the people themselves, French Creole architecture or Acadian house designs not only combine function, but they feature a variety of special features they remind us of the regions of the world where these people originated. Combining French, Spanish and Caribbean cultures makes this style so special.

saltbox style home thumbnail


Often found in New England, the style of the classic Saltbox home is simplistic, somewhat a farmhouse, but a bit more unusual. Learn all there is to know about the history and style of Saltbox style homes.

man adding foam insulation to a home

The Top Building Green Trends

We all know that building and living green has really caught on in the last few years, but now that many homeowners know the ins and outs of what it's like to live green, learn some of the up and coming green building trends and how to make your home and lifestyle even greener!

craftsman style home design

Timeless Craftsman Style Homes

In the last few decades, Craftsman style has made a serious comeback. Their open floor plans, simple, yet rustic style have made them an American favorite once again. This article discusses the characteristics of a Craftsman style home and how they originated.

Couple Outside New Home

Tips and Tricks FOR EASILY

Everyone is looking for an edge in the housing market today. Simple and easy tips and tricks can make your home shine compared to the rest out there for sale. Read through these ideas and determine which ones will help you the most.

Recycled Glass Counter Tops

Tips for Building Green

This article points out products that are sure to create a greener constructed and insulated home in the end. Take a look at these ten sure-fire ways to go green when building your dream home. Reusable products placed within your home is a great way to conserve the earth's resources.

gardening thumbnail image

Tips For Saving Money In Your Home and Life

Whether you're saving money for a specific reason such as a trip or event, or you just want to become more aware of ways to save money on a daily basis. This article discusses simple ways to be more thrifty.

garage sale sign

Trash Or Treasure: Making The Most
Of A Garage Sale

This very-thorough article touches on all aspects from planning, organizing and implementing a garage sale of your very own. Organized and in-depth, this article takes you from the planning stages through to the last minute of your sale. Be sure to read this before starting any of your garage sale planning!


Universal HOME Design:
What It Is And Why It's Important

With a larger segment of the population growing older each year, the concept of Universal Design when designing home plans has become even more prominent in the building industry. Creating a home that is easy to live in and adaptable to all lifestyle changes is what Universal Design is all about.

Cabin Vacation Home

What Makes A Great Vacation Home?

There are certain amenities that really can make a vacation special for everyone who visits it. This article shares some of the secrets to a truly relaxing and enjoyable vacation home and some of the features that are must-haves on the floor plan.