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Leslie Patterson  by Leslie Patterson

While the weather outside cools down, families everywhere are settling into familiar routines.

Pumpkins in Cart

The school year is bustling, the calendar is full, and without hardly any notice, summer is entirely gone. A quick glance around the home makes you suddenly aware- there is so much to do! The switching of seasons can be both bleak and stressful. A few quick changes and your home will be ready for fall.

Traditional Home During Fall

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Warm it Up – After a summer of sun, the cool of fall is nice and refreshing. But all too soon, that chill settles in and can appear rather dismal. This is the perfect time to introduce some warm-hued throw blankets and pillows to family spaces. Reds, browns, and golds are inviting without being overpowering. Don’t forget the bathroom spaces! Though typically light and airy, bathrooms can be overly cold in the fall and winter. Deep plum and navy are perfect for warming up cooler hues during cold weather.

Another part of warming up the home is fireplace and furnace maintenance. Families with fireplaces look forward to the first chilly night that’s ideal for a cozy fire. Getting these heating elements cleaned and inspected early on can ensure the home is both warm and safe.

Contemporary Home During Fall

Clear it Out – The warm months are mostly spent outdoors; inside is a just a place to drop stuff as you head from one sunny adventure to another. But when the time comes to move all the fun indoors, suddenly everything is everywhere and what is needed can’t be found! During the cooler weather it is especially vital to keep your indoor spaces de-cluttered and organized- you’ll be spending most of your time there.

Autumn Leaves
  • Entryways – Whether it’s the front door or the back mudroom, the entryway needs to be organized for Fall. Clear out the flip flops and sunscreen and make way for mittens and snow boots! Whether there is a hook for every jacket or a designated hanger, create a space for everything that is needed. Gloves kept in a basket may keep one from going missing at a crucial moment. Maybe extra socks are kept in a drawer so that they can be put on as soon as the wet shoes come off. Whatever your family needs, create a system that makes entering and exiting the warmth of your home tidy and simple.

  • Desk/Tables – Without all that time at the pool and the park, the family desks and tables are sure to be put through more use than usual. Such places become traps for collecting random household items; everything from art supplies, homework, toys, and winter gear can accumulate here. Before bed, make it a family task to clear all the detritus from the table and return all items to their proper homes. If the kitchen table is the familiar gathering spot, find space in the kitchen to store baskets for craft supplies and toys so that pulling items out and putting them away is easier. Take extra care to designate a spot for important papers such as bills and homework so they don’t get lost in the daily shuffle.

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – With cool weather shuffling in and cold weather approaching, Fall is a great time to make some space. Before packing away the summer clothes, evaluate what was worn and what was overlooked. Take the time to donate what you can now- waiting until next summer just puts it off and you’ll likely have forgotten what wasn’t worn. This is also a great time to clear out newspapers, magazines, and other items that can be recycled. Haul it all at once before the weather gives you an excuse not to take care of it.

Craftsman Home During Fall

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Get Prepared – Now that Fall is no longer an issue, take the opportunity to get a head start on the winter weather. Check out your emergency supplies and replace what is lacking. Invest in shovels or other winter weather accessories. Look into weatherproofing your home. Looking ahead will ensure that you are entirely prepared as the first bits of winter creep up unexpectedly.

With just a few simple steps Fall can be just as much fun as summer. Embrace the changing season and enjoy the beautiful haven that is your home.

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