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Leslie Patterson  by Leslie Patterson

Every fall season a wonderful thing happens. The nights get shorter and the air gets crisper and the greatest show in the natural world begins.

Autumn leaves

This performance takes place as the calm greens of summer transform into the brilliant reds, golds and browns of autumn. These breathtaking colors paint the landscape and capture our attention.

A spectacular display can take place right in your own backyard by choosing the specific trees.

Certain tree species feature particular colors. Oaks turn red, brown or russet; Hickories, golden bronze; Aspen and Yellow Poplar, golden yellow; Dogwood, purplish red; Beech, light tan; and Sourwood and Black Tupelo, crimson. Maples differ species by species, ranging from intense scarlet to golden yellow. Leaves of some species such as Elms simply shrivel up and fall off, revealing little color.

Choose your trees wisely, taking into account the soil conditions, the size the tree will grow to be and the functional aspects such as shading.

Unfortunately, autumn color is not very predictable. The grand show usually starts in late September in the eastern United States, and moves south and west bringing the performance to these regions by early November.


Fall Family Fun Using Yard Art

Yard Art offers an activity both parents and children will enjoy

Pilgrim and indian yard art

Yard Art do-it-yourself patterns are the perfect family activity. In a few simple steps you can create a wonderful addition to your yard.

Gather together a jig saw, plywood and paint, along with a few other tools and a fun-loving attitude and you’ll be able to get started.

From there it’s the easy task of tracing the pattern onto the plywood, cutting it out and painting the picture. In no time your yard will look fun and friendly with your Yard Art creation.

Scarecrow yard art

Design America, Inc. offers many Yard Art patterns. With categories such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Non-Seasonal, Lawn & Garden and Shadow/Silhouettes, it’s easy to find a design your whole family will love.

The package includes the pattern, graphite transfer paper and easy-to-follow instructions.

All Yard Art patterns can be viewed and ordered at To find the designs at the right look for Scarecrow and Fall Scene.

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