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CREATING A Holistic Home – Living Your Best Life

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Our homes have the ability to promote our well-being. We look to our home environment for comfort and rest, security and enjoyment.

Contemporary Home Bathroom

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A sense of balance among these areas contributes to healthy living. Although not new to some, holistic homes are gaining ground in notoriety and popularity among those home owners who desire to nurture mind, body, and spirit.

A holistic home is designed, constructed, and maintained in a manner that supports its resident's health. Living spaces are open, flexible, and easy to maintain. Building materials are eco-friendly, energy efficient, and free of harmful synthetic chemicals. These key elements contribute to the holistic health of the homeowner.

Southern Home Hallway

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Holistic homes feature easy living space that is open and flowing. Loft areas allow for a large work or play space. Rooms are spacious and non-cluttered with excessive furniture or accessories. Well-being is enhanced when the homeowner is not burdened with extensive interior or exterior maintenance.

Innovative framing and construction techniques such as insulated concrete forms (ICFs) are used because of their structural strength and energy efficiency. In addition, they create a very quiet home free from exterior noise. The quiet allows for more peaceful rest at night. The threat of mold growth and the bother of insects are minimized.


Luxury Home Master Bedroom

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European Home Master Bathroom

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Eco-friendly, "green" materials are used in construction as long as they are not potentially harmful to the homeowner. Energy conscious materials include windows and doors that are durable, energy efficient, and maintenance free. Appliances and electric fixtures are Energy Star rated. Holistic homes embrace energy from the sun. Passive solar design is incorporated and, when possible, optional solar electric supply systems are used. Low flow water fixtures are installed to conserve water.

Ranch Home Bathroom

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Fresh air within the home promotes healthy living as well. Forced air systems bring in outside pollutants. Using highly efficient heating and central air conditioning with an energy recovery ventilator system for fresh air intake creates healthy air within the home. A filtration system aids in making air quality as pure as possible. Radiant floor heating systems also eliminate forced air throughout your home and allow for inner room temperature control.

Low VOC (volatile organic compounds), or non-toxic building materials are used throughout the home for painting, flooring, and cabinets. This eliminates the possibility of toxins being filtrated throughout the interior of the home. Living your best life begins with good health. Good health begins at home.

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