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Arriving at your Vacation Home - QUICK TO DO LIST

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Kimberly Blackford  by Kimberly Blackford

So, school’s finally out and the family minivan is packed up with suitcases, the dog and all the kids. You’re thrilled to finally have this special time to relax and unwind away from the everyday stresses of life. Now, you just need to get to your lake house and begin the fun.

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After a few hour trip, you’ve made it! You swing open the door and are suddenly greeted by that familiar musty smell. How can you keep this from happening when you’re not there?

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Here’s just a few more tips for keeping this smell from invading your special place, so when you arrive at your vacation house the next time you’re aren’t faced with this.

  • As soon as you arrive, if it’s not too warm to be comfortable, open the windows and get some circulation going. If possible, sleep with the windows open. If you’re lucky enough to be near the ocean, who doesn’t enjoy the sound of the crashing waves?
  • Take short showers and run the fan so the space doesn’t get too steamy while you’re there. All that added moisture can make for the perfect environment for mildew and unpleasant smells.
  • Moist towels from showers or swimming in the lake or ocean are best suited to be dried outside if possible. Hang damp towels on deck railings and make sure they’re completely dry before bringing them in the house.
  • While most vacationers tend to spend time outdoors cooking and grilling to enjoy the scenery and weather, there will be times when you find yourself cooking indoors. If that occurs, then cover pans with lids to avoid additional moisture in the air.
  • To help absorb moisture before you leave for home, put trays of kitty litter over the air vents.
  • Putting crumpled newspaper into a partially open refrigerator will keep mustiness from reappearing too.

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All of these great tips for maintenance and a home free of mustiness are sure to keep your vacation home or lake house in perfect order as you come and go for weekend getaways and longer extended stays.

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