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Kimberly Blackford  by Kimberly Blackford

Every so often homeowners are graced with a winter day that feels like spring has finally decided to pay a visit. Or perhaps you prefer the first break in summer heat when the crisp cool of fall is just around the corner. Whatever the favorite season, many homeowners can agree that when nature starts to change its appearance, so the home needs a new look. Thankfully, any home can turn over a new decorative leaf for the season with minimal effort and investment. It’s easier than you think!

family room in dream home plan with pumpkin decoration

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The key to rotating seasonal décor is acknowledging the significance of layers. Just as people layer clothing to enjoy whatever Mother Nature springs on us next, homes require layers of décor to be functional. The layer that requires attention first is that of color. Cooler temperatures call for warmer tones in the home that add comfort and coziness to any sized space - think of deep scarlet and plum, golds and oranges. Warmer temps are great for showing off light and airy touches, perfectly accented by soothing blues, greens, and vibrant sun colors.

Sun filled great room with Christmas decorations

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For easy and dramatic switches from one situation to another, it’s best to start off with a neutral palette. Note that neutral does not mean “white” or “boring.” Neutral can be any shade of a color you want to work with in both settings. Example: green paint can be warmed up with darker greens and deep reds, while warm temps may call for splashes of white and yellow to brighten up the space. The accents will make an impact, so long as the foundation is fairly flexible.

Once the colors have been determined, it’s time to decide how to apply that color. The simplest way to approach this is by painting the walls the “neutral” color and using throws, pillows, rugs, and other accessories to pack a punch. These little bits and pieces add so much to décor without breaking the budget. Look for fabrics reflective of the season to add comfort and texture to the color dimensions. Faux fur, chenille, and velvet are all warm and inviting as cold weather settles in. Cottons and gauzy fabrics are perfectly cool when warm weather threatens to overwhelm.

Light and airy hearth with large bouquet of peonies in a vase

In addition to the basic décor materials, look at changing out books, pictures, and centerpieces. Rotating personal collections depending on the season allows homeowners to display many more treasures without having a cluttered and awkward living space. You should also consider what scents to indulge in depending on the time of year. Spicy candles are delicious in the cooler months, but may be too warm and heavy when the weather turns.

The last layer to make a significant impact is that of lighting. Whatever colors and fabrics you may have chosen, nothing can be properly admired without the right ambience. Some seasons’ earlier sunsets mean a lack of natural light. This calls for candles, fireplaces, and more general lighting in living spaces. When the long days of summer return, window shades are thrown open and extra lamps are rarely needed. Play with home lighting to see what may best suit your home.

Christmas tree featured in a beautiful room of a newly built house plan

For any season, keep in mind natural touches. Some of the most beautiful décor outside can be replicated within the home, adding something special to the space. After all, few homeowners need any more plastic spread throughout the home. Remember that touches big and small can help transition your home from one season to another. Just be certain the space reflects your family and lifestyle and it truly cannot go wrong, no matter the time of year.

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