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Getting Started - Tools Of The Trade

homeowner with contractor reviewing blueprints

10 steps to building your dream home

Not sure where to start? This article discusses the 10 most important steps to take before deciding to build your dream home. Review these and follow-up by reading additional information and you will be well on your way to the home of your dreams.

Blueprints For House Plans

Blueprint Basics

Most soon-to-be homeowners are not familiar with reading blueprints. This article takes you through the basic components of a set of blueprint drawings along with how to read the symbols and measurements most commonly seen on stock house plans.

Build the Right Home for Your Family

Building Basics for Your Dream Home

What are the things that need to be considered in order to get your dream home built? From budget to lot choice, this article discusses the basic issues that need to be considered when building a new home and the initial steps of taking your house plan from a dream and making it a reality.

Narrow Lot Home

Building On A Smaller Lot

Bigger is not always better. This article talks about the great attributes a small lot brings. With the cost of land on the rise, smaller lots are becoming commonplace and this article discusses some of the ways to utilize a smaller lot to the best of your advantage both inside and out.

Finding a Home Building Contractor

Building Trust – Selecting A Contractor

Be informed and understand how to find a builder, check references and analyze their bids. Being educated from the start will create a solid and respected relationship with your builder or contractor throughout the process of building of your dream home.

child gate to child proof your home

Child Proofing YOUR HOME

A dream house plan when built can become a dangerous playground for children. Learn all the steps to take in keeping your dream home a safe and happy place for children. Taking these safety precautions will help keep all the children in your house safer from common injuries.

Choosing a Home Site

Choosing a Home Site

A lot is a lot, right? Actually, there are numerous things to consider when choosing a home site and many will affect the long-term happiness of you and your family. Take a look at these common factors to consider before choosing a home site for your house plan. From the neighborhood to the soil conditions, this article takes you through all the common issues a home site can bring.

A Good Neighborhood For Your Home Plan

Choosing A Neighborhood

Finding a neighborhood that suits your lifestyle and the needs of your family is critical. This article reflects on all of the factors to evaluate when determining the location of your soon-to-be-built home sweet home. It's important to "picture yourself" there from the start or you and your family will never feel right a home.

Building a basement in a beach home plan

Coastal Basements

Does building a basement in a beach/coastal house plan sound impossible? It can be a reality with the revolutionary CFA method. Read this article and become informed on the latest foundation technology for coastal, beach and Lowcountry style house plans where the water table is high.

dream home being built

Costly Mistakes To Avoid When Building Your Dream Home

Five commonly made mistakes are discussed in this article and how to avoid them right from the start of building your new home. This a must-read article that allows you to isolate problem areas during the building process right from the very beginning. Avoiding these mistakes will ensure less stressful construction.

Creating Your Own Designer Dream Home

Creating Your Own Designer Dream Home

This article touches on how to find the perfect house plan style for you. Whether you are looking for a Traditional or Contemporary house plan, this article discusses how to search for the perfect architectural style and how to modify the plan once you have found the house design that best suits your needs.

Traditional Home

Customizing Your New Home

Found almost the perfect house plan? Well, making the "almost" perfect home plan into the absolutely perfect one is simple and easy if you review some of the concepts in this article. Starting with the close to perfect stock plan and modifying it from there is a great cost effective solution for living the American dream.

Colonial Floor Plan

Different Floor Plans

With so many plans to choose from, reviewing all types of floor plans can be quite a challenge. This article discusses the basic types of floor plans available on the market today. From Ranch style to two-story home plans, this article distinguishes between the various types of plans most widely built and discusses their strengths and weaknesses.

Southern Home Plan


This article helps you determine what you want and need in a home plan. It also points out some of the hottest home design trends available to home buyers today. Before you select your house plan, read this article and get great ideas.

Energy Efficient Ideas for Your Home

Energy Efficiency - BUILDING BRIGHT

Now more popular than ever, homeowners are searching for ways to save money. Conserving energy within your home is one of the easiest ways. So, review this article to learn how to better sustain energy within the walls of your home and what products should be incorporated into the construction to ensure ingoing energy conservation for years to come.

pier home thumbnail


Besides being a safe choice when it comes to coastal or wetland regions, pier foundations are a green building choice that offer very little disruption when it comes to a home's ecological footprint. Learn all about the benefits of a pier foundation.

House Floor Plans

Floor Plans for All of Your Family's Needs

Finding a floor plan that meets the needs of your family is the #1 priority. But, often homeowners concern themselves with the look of the exterior and forget to focus on the interior and its functionality. Read this article and help isolate the needs that need to be met for your family.

Luxury Kitchen

Home Design Building Trends

What do homeowners want? Big kitchens? Outdoor fireplaces? This article touches on the hottest trends homeowners are looking for in their dream homes today. Plus, there's great photos of the features discussed and links to house plans right here on offering such amenities.

Purchasing Homeowner's Insurance

Homeowner's Insurance

Understand your home insurance policy from the start. This article discusses some of the things to take into consideration so you are completely covered if by chance an emergency causes destruction to you most expensive investment. Attempting to sort through your claim after a stressful situation occurs is anything but ideal, so read this article and plan and organize your insurance in advance.

efficient home furnace

How Energy Efficiency Results in Tax Breaks

Sorting through the nation's complex tax system requires the utmost patience. Here, we outline some of the latest additions to the tax system that provide Americans with tax break opportunities. Adding or remodeling a home with state-of-the-art energy efficient products and systems affords the opportunity to save substantial money for a homeowner.

Home Foundation

Laying the Foundation - TYPES OF HOME FOUNDATIONS

Not sure what type of foundation you need for your house plan? Don't know the difference between a crawl space and a slab? Well, this article offers all the basic information necessary to understand the foundation best suited for your lot, region of the country and architectural style of home plan you have chosen.

Lumber for your new Home

Look Out Below: Timber and other Lumber TYPES

Confused about the differences in lumber types? This article spells everything out for you from the benefits and weaknesses of softwoods versus hardwoods and much, much more. Before beginning construction of your house plan or do-it-yourself project read this information and get a sense of what sorts of lumber options are available to you.

Ranch Home Exterior

One-Story Living – Great Living On A Whole New Level

One-story home plans are still the most popular style built today. This article discusses the many benefits of one-level living and how to maximize your floor plan to include gorgeous features often times only one-story homes can provide a homeowner.

Modern Open Floor Plan Home

Open Up And Say "Ahh": Open Floor Plans

For great function and space maximizing, open floor plans offer everything a homeowner could possibly want. Less cluttered, great for entertaining and function, an open floor plan provides the type of home that feels modern, fresh and full of possibility.

pet proofing your home

Pet Proofing YOUR HOME

Man's best friends live in millions of homes with their owners, but when we build our home, do we take them into account? When planning your family's dream home, it's important to remember your pets and how they will integrate into you new home and you will keep them safe.

organized small home living


Homeowners used to believe, "bigger is better," but now they are changing their tune and realizing that the right size home may be smaller, more efficient and better organized making their lives easier every day.

functional kitchen floor plan thumbnail


Before you "settle" for the not-so-perfect floor plan, think outside of the box when it comes to interpreting the floor plan of a home and take rooms that seem useless in your lifestyle and convert them to functional spaces perfect for your needs. Smart design will help you determine exactly what you need in your new home.

cooling tips for home windows

Staying Cool And Cutting Costs

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to keep your home cool in the summer months without breaking the bank? This article reflects on some ideas that allow your home to stay cool while helping you to cut costs.

Environmentally friendly framed house plan

Sticks and Stones: Which Building Type Works For You?

There are many options when it comes to framing your home. Find out in this article the differences between the various types of framing that are currently available on the market today. It also touches on some of the green framing options as well as more conventional framing options.

Wiring your telephone and TV connections neatly will promise your dream home will enjoy all that technology has to offer

Structured Wiring

Want to make your new house plan cutting edge? Take a look at this article focusing on structured wiring. Structured wiring offers the homeowners ease because there is a main control panel, plus wires are not spliced together, so audio and video quality are top-notch. Learn all of the details of structured wiring right here.

Ranch One Story Home

Popular One-Story Home

The one-story home is as popular than ever. This article touches on many of the reasons why we love a one level house. With some many beautiful architectural styles and sizes to choose form, a ranch style house plan can offer all the amenities your family is looking for plus room for growth.

European Style Duplex Plan


Living in a duplex, or multi-family plan has become more popular than ever. Not only do these designs feature functional floor plans, they can be the perfect solution for anyone who wants privacy, yet they allow extended family to remain close. Or, build duplex house designs and use them as an investment. See why living in a duplex is definitely a win.

wheelchair accessible home thumbnail


The majority of the population is older every year making finding the perfect living situation not as easy as it used to be. Before getting caught off guard, consider building your next home so it is wheelchair accessible and make living easy, universally easier for all ages, and more comfortable for everyone.

home blueprints

What to Know About Building Codes

What are building codes, you ask? Building codes are the minimum safety standards required during various forms of a construction project. Often confusing for a homeowner to understand entirely, it is important to familiarize yourself with these codes, so when they are mentioned you will be aware of the differences between the four model codes within the United States.

blueprints and coffee thumbnail


Feel confident you're selecting the right type of modifiable plan for the changes you're making to the home. Whether it's minor or major changes, this article will help you make the right plan choice, so modifying the plan is easy.

Cost to Build Report


Before you order an estimated cost to build report for the house plan you want, see everything that's included. Gain knowledge of the material and labor cost associated with the home you want to build. Manage your home building with ease and confidence and avoid unexpected expenses.

Finding the Right Home Plan

What's the Right Plan for You?

Before you set your sights on one plan selected strictly on its look and style, be sure to read this article and make sure your most common needs and function are being met. Have you thought about how long you plan to live here? How will this house plan grow with you through the years? And, what about the overall layout of the rooms? Reading this feature will help you identify the most important things.

building your home plan design

Why Buy Stock Plans?

Many people are not familiar with the benefits of choosing a stock plan to build their dream home. Not only has a stock plan most likely already been built, but also finding a great stock plan is easy and affordable. Plus, it can be an easy way to get a nearly perfect floor plan that only needs minor modifications to suit your needs.