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The FEATURES OF THE Popular One-Story Home

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Kimberly Blackford  by Kimberly Blackford

It is true that dream homes come in many shapes and sizes that appeal to very different homeowners.

Modern One Story Home

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What is one person's paradise may not be perfect for another; the wide variety of home plans available on today's market reflects this fact. However, it is undeniable that many homeowners building their new dream home are looking for a long-term place to settle. No one puts in the time and effort to build a home they will only occupy for a mere moment. Keeping this in mind, it's important to look around and recognize that there is a trend forming in dream home construction – the one-story home is gaining rapid popularity.

Traditional One Story Atrium Ranch Home

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Two-story homes have quite a bit to offer busy families and those on a budget. These homes allow you to use the property to its fullest by building up and creating more living space without purchasing additional land. However, as the baby boomer generation continues to grow and build homes, space is not the first priority on aging minds. Indeed, what good is great space if it becomes too difficult to access? Many baby boomers are looking to the future, building dream homes in which they can live out the rest of their lives. These people want enough space they can access independently. The one-story home is a dream home capable of fulfilling this desire.

Ranch One Story Home

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One-story homes do not require regular taxing use of steps and stairways, granting access to the entire home for those with limited mobility. Additionally, thoughtful layouts make households easier to maintain. For example, bedrooms are located closely to the laundry facilities, greatly minimizing the taxing work of transporting laundry loads to and fro. Kitchens are also located nearer to the bedrooms than other general spaces with immediate access to the garage.

Southern One Story Home

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It is important to note that one-story homes do not have to be lacking in variety and interesting decor. One recommendation for outfitting a single story home is to create dynamic views. Varying window and ceiling heights and styles can be combined to create dramatic vistas from any point in a room. Intimate spaces may offer low ceilings and soft light while spacious family rooms boast grand ceilings and wall sized picture windows.

While the details are largely based on personal preference, one-story homes should be kept in mind when planning your dream home. These ranch style abodes have quite a bit to offer, just as every dream home should.

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