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Building On A Smaller Lot

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Kimberly Blackford  by Kimberly Blackford

Contradictory to the rampant idea of "bigger is better;" more people are investing in small lots to build their dream homes.

Luxury Small Lot Home

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For some it is most affordable, others desire proximity to specific locales, and some see small lots as a way to reduce their ecological footprint. Whatever the reason, the same is true for all ? smaller lots are not about less space. It is intelligent building with some extra creativity thrown in for good measure. The challenges presented by building on small lots are nothing to be discouraged by, and the sacrifices are less than one may anticipate. Think new options rather than fewer options!

Arts and Crafts Home

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Small lots are considered to be 50 feet (or less) wide. The home plans included in this collection are 40 feet (or less) wide and extend as far as 85 feet in depth, with the extra lot space accounting for the driveway and garage placement on the side or rear. Small lot homes can be positioned in a variety of ways to maximize the land use. The most efficient use of space for a small lot home is building two stories. This is more economical as there will be greater space without additional foundation or roofing expenses.

Narrow Lot Home

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Small lot homes often have small yards that homeowners choose to landscape creatively, accent with cozy porches, or convert to larger patios that allow for perfect entertaining possibilities. If small home lots are grouped together, a community courtyard may be in place rather than individual yards, with garages accessed from the rear via an alleyway. Along with yards, garages are typically the greatest challenge to small lot designers. In addition to highly functional rear garages, front garages with accented doors eliminate excessive driveway space without diminishing the home's beauty.

Craftsman Home

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Inside small lot homes, efficiency is at a premium. Every nook and cranny is used to its fullest potential, eliminating storage concerns and dread of lost personal space. Even windows are placed strategically, some allowing five times more light inside, expanding the home's spatial feel. Design is just as significant, if not more so, in comparison to size.

Small lot homes are not inferior, limiting, or restricted to uniformity. They are quite capable of being fully accessorized inside and out, in addition to being particularly affordable. Dream homes, like dreams themselves, come in all sizes.

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