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Pet Proofing Your Dream Home

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When planning the family dream home, it is important to remember family pets and the important roles they play in a household.

dog with bone

In the same manner as child proofing to prevent accidental injuries, pet proofing consists of a few simple steps to ensure the home is as safe as possible for your family's animal friends.

  • Designated Space - No matter the size of the room, the most beloved pets can find themselves underfoot, frustrating owners and endangering everyone. Under counter "dens" and built-in walks provide places for dogs and cats to join family members in busy rooms without being in the way of busy feet.

  • Safety Gates and Latches - Safety gates are great for keeping pets completely out of spaces where they should not be, whether for safety or personal purposes. Just beware that some gates can be jumped or easily knocked over by the strength of larger animals. Curious pets are also strong enough to get into low cabinets, so latches can prevent accidental messes and ingestion of unhealthy substances.

  • Grooming Stations - Bathing and grooming stations designated for the pets are ideal for organizing all the odds and ends that come along with the chores of caring for your animals while keeping your family washrooms clear of pet messes.

  • Houseplants - Seemingly harmless, some decorative houseplants are actually poisonous to many pets. Before bringing any plants into your home, check that they are pet friendly. And even the safe plants need to be kept out of the way so animals do not play with them or cause damage.

  • Cords and Knick Knacks - Cords should be wrapped and kept out of the way to prevent chewing and accidental electrocution. They should also be tucked away and secured so appliances and other objects cannot topple onto the animals or other family members.

  • Decor - Bare floors, area rugs, simple window treatments, and semi-gloss paint are all important parts of decor with family pets. These items keep hair, stains, and odors throughout the home to a minimum.

By giving your family pet a little extra attention, the dream home can truly be perfect for the entire family.

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