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Drawing Conclusions: Determining what you want and need in a home plan

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You've decided to build your dream home, but where do you start? What are some of the most sought after home design trends today? Are there certain luxurious amenities you can't go without?

Southern Home Plan

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At, the selection of house plans is so vast, there's something for everyone. Plus, it's easy to search by style or other specific features making it fun instead of a chore. Here, we point out some of the most popular features customers are looking for today in a home plan.

Think about the things you really want and make sure when you begin your search you remember all of them. And, because of the sheer amount of variety we offer and the ability to customize, we promise you that building a stock plan from our wonderful collection will have its own distinct feel that reflects your personality in the end. Review some of the questions below we are asking you to consider before you begin searching for your dream home.

Do you yearn for an outdoor fireplace?

Cuddling up to an outdoor fireplace designed for beauty and function is a treat. This is just one of the features that homeowners are seeking for today. Cozy conversation areas whether indoor or outdoor are what homeowners want. They desire a space where they feel safe, relaxed and sheltered from the outside stress of the world, creating the perfect escape from the daily pressures of life.

Country Home Plan

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Do you want to be state-of-the-art?

Becoming a media mogul in your own home with a private screening room brings both movies and television to life. Media rooms are here to stay and provide a sound and visual experience unlike any other. You deserve to watch a movie in your own home the way it should be watched with comfort, privacy and perfect uninterrupted sound. Many of our house plans offer this luxurious amenity.

Neoclassical Home Plan

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Do you desire a home with a custom feel?

The feel of a custom home can be achieved with unique one-of-a-kind details like this outdoor covered porch with fireplace, perfect for year-round outdoor enjoyment. Start with a house plan that is almost ideal, then customizing can allow you to include the few final features that better suit your needs.

Traditional Home Plan

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Are you longing for a laid back lifestyle?

If a relaxed setting and style is something you are striving for, look no further. Search our collection of rustic, mountain, vacation, cabin/cottage or beach/coastal style house plans and discover homes that feature just the kind of porch perfect for relaxing on warm summer days or cool nights.

Luxury Home Plan

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Are you motivated to entertain?

If entertaining or cooking is something you always want to do, you'll never miss the opportunity in a dream kitchen or outdoor area designed for lavish living. We offer many plans that meet this special desire.

Farmhouse Home Plan

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Thinking about your lifestyle and how you want to live in the years to come will help you develop a general idea of what you desire in your dream home. Yes, meeting your needs is important, but determining how you want to live is important too. Pick a plan that offers both the functional you need and the amenities you desire.

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