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One-Story Living – Great Living On A Whole New Level

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Kimberly Blackford   by Kimberly Blackford

Ranch homes, or one-story living is still the most popular style of home being built today.

Luxury One Story Home

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Below are some of the reasons why homeowners are so drawn to this style of living. With ease of movement, expansive room sizes and convenience to and from every space in the house, this type of floor plan is here to stay and is more popular than ever. Below are some of the reasons why one-story home remain popular year after year.

Ranch Home Exterior

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Sloping Lots

Sloping lots are anything but a downfall. Build your dream home even if you don't have the best plot of land. Sloping lots offer the ideal location to build an atrium ranch home. With sweeping windows along the entire rear wall, your house will be flooded with warm, natural light. The extra light adds dimension and a sense of spaciousness to the interior while creating an impressive looking exterior. If you have found a great sloping lot, select a perfect atrium ranch home and make your dream a reality.

Country Home Dining Room

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Combined Spaces

Combined spaces equal twice the function. Single story homes offer more flexibility in the design of the interiors than multi-level homes. Living spaces without another level overhead permit vaulted ceilings, dramatic windows and the use of skylights to add a spacious atmosphere. Many of our ranch home plans offer open living spaces created by the combination of rooms. These areas topped with a vaulted ceiling, as shown here, provide an impressive aura.

Craftsman Home Entertainment Room

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New Level

Entertain on a whole new level. Many of our single story house plans offer the ability to have a finished lower level. With an open design and state-of-the-art amenities, these spaces are perfect for families that love to entertain. Featuring areas for recreation, lower levels are the ideal place to kick back and have some fun with your friends and family while enjoying some of your favorite hobbies and activities.

Traditional Home Outdoor Living

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Expand your one-story living to the outdoors with a cheerful deck or patio. Many of our ranch house plans include fantastic outdoor living spaces that are great for entertaining. An outdoor kitchen is a fantastic amenity that will keep the cook and guests in close proximity to one another. And, an enchanting and ever-popular fireplace will warm this outdoor area so all the seasons of the year can be enjoyed.

Southern Home Kitchen Amentities

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Amenities are found throughout every home no matter how many floors it has. And, our single story homes do not skimp on luxury. Grand living is offered at any level. Decorative ceilings and unique lighting enhance these areas. For example, any chef would love to cook in this gourmet kitchen where everything is within reach. And, guests will feel treated to a spectacular event when dining in this grand atmosphere. Take your living area and your newly built home plan to new heights even if it only have one-level of living.

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