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Different Floor Plans

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Choosing an open floor plan for a dream home is not an easy task.

Colonial style house design

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Having hundreds of options is exciting, yet overwhelming! In order to make the process easier, it is important to become familiar with the basic floor plan options on the market today:

Two-Story Homes

Two-story homes are buildings that contain two full floors in addition to the foundation (basement, crawl space, etc.) and attic. The typical two- story home has the master bedroom placed on the second floor, located away from other rooms.

Craftsman Floor Plan

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Conventional Ranch Home

The conventional ranch is a one-story home. All bedrooms are located in one wing or area of the home, opposite of the general use rooms. If a conventional ranch offers a second floor, this space is typically attic storage or an available bonus room. These homes can be L-shaped, allowing the master bedroom to be separated from the others like in the two-story home.


Ranch Floor Plan

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Farm Ranch / Cape Cod Home

Different regions refer to this style of home by many names. The basic style includes a master suite located on the first floor with other bedrooms occupying the second floor. It is strongly similar to a typical two- story home; the master bedroom locations help to differentiate.

Cape Cod Floor Plan

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Multi-level Home

If a home appears to be a mix of styles, it may be referred to as multi-level. These homes are customized and often deal with special building issues such as challenging lots. Split-levels, split-foyers, and tri-levels are all examples of the multi-level home, as are homes that stray from a basic floor plan style. These homes are not as popular as the straightforward ranch or two-story home, but are certainly used widely when necessitated.

Knowing the basic terminology when it comes to floor plan styles will make narrowing down house plan options a smoother process. Each style is affected by region, budget, and necessary exteriors; do not be afraid to use these terms when searching through floor plans and asking questions. A little bit of knowledge can go a long way when it comes to selecting the perfect style home for you and your family.

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