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A Guide to Choosing Your New Neighborhood

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Choosing a site for your new home is a critical step in the building process. You will be looking for a neighborhood that is consistent with your lifestyle and meets the needs of you and your family. You should consider several factors to help you select a neighborhood.

Choosing A Neighborhood For Your Family

Find House Plans

Assess the Location

Start your search by choosing neighborhoods that are in close proximity to your work, school and the services you use daily. Consider the places you visit on a regular basis:

  • Workplace
  • School/Child Care
  • Restaurants
  • Church
  • Shopping
  • Recreation

Study the Neighborhood

Examine the neighborhoods and observe the size and style of the homes, the condition of the lawns and the overall appearance of the block. Be sure to assess the general condition of sidewalks and streets. 

A Good Neighborhood For Your Home Plan

Evaluate the School System

If you have children, you should assess schooling options. Research the school district in neighborhoods you are considering. This can be an important factor to consider when selecting your new neighborhood.

Investigate Crime Statistics

To learn about local crime levels, call the police station and speak with the desk officer. Ask for crime statistics in the neighborhoods or communities you are considering.

Research the Community

Pick up a copy of the community newspaper. This will give you a sampling of businesses and organizations in the area. This is also a great way assess the social activity in the area. You might consider attending some community events to meet area residents.

Walk the Neighborhood

Once you have narrowed your choices to just a few, take a walk through each of the neighborhoods at various times during the day. This will give you an indication of traffic patterns, noise levels and neighborhood activity.

Locating the ideal neighborhood is a time-consuming but important task. Thorough planning and research can help you find the perfect location on which to build your dream home.

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