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Interior Decorating



From modern to formal designs, chandeliers can take your room to new heights and provide added light and uncompromising style.

window trim style for home plan

Adding The Finishing Touch: Interior Moulding & Trim

Little things mean a lot and that's exactly why interior moulding and trim can add such beautiful distinction to the interior and entry of your home. Adding these extras really enhance the design qualities of your home while showcasing ceiling treatments, room shapes and entries.

apartment garage thumbnail


Becoming more popular all the time, many homeowners who need to expand are opting for building an apartment garage which is an ideal solution for grown children or an in-law. See how to take this relatively small floor plan and make the most of it when it comes to style.

Guest Bedroom Decor

Be My Guest

Create a beautiful oasis for your visiting family and friends in your very own guest room or in-law suite. Equipped with all the luxuries and essentials, our suggestions will take your guest room from average to something so tranquil and amenity-filled no one will ever want to leave. Here are several tips and tricks for creating the perfect guest room anyone would love to stay in.

stylish girl's bedroom for any age

Born Again - Remodeling Your Daughter's Bedroom

Looking for stylish ways to take your daughter's room from her nursery years through to her teenage years? Check out this great article on simple ideas that make converting your daughter's bedroom a snap whatever her age.

inviting cottage porch thumbnail


Whether located high in the mountains, or the breezy seaside, decorating your cabin or cottage works best when it takes cues from the dwelling's natural surroundings. Try incorporating elements from nature that will make your cottage or cabin perfectly mesh with its surroundings.

Design Plan In A Can

Canned Goods: Design Plan In A Can

Looking for the answer to beautiful, but simple decorating ideas, Edith Snell was inspired to create a product that puts a stunning interior decorating palette easily into the hands of builders and homeowners. You know the displays homes that always look so perfect? Well, that look can easily be achieved with Design Plan In A Can™.

Choosing Bedroom Colors

Choosing a Color

Feeling a little overwhelmed by all the interior choices and styles out there to choose from? Not even sure what colors to select for your finished dream home? Well, read through this article to get an idea of how colors work together to create the style or mood you're looking for.

pink walled bedroom

Color Trends

See what the hottest colors will be as well as discover what some of the major color palettes will be when decorating your home. From farmstand brights to vintage jewel tones, these color trends will add life and energy to the interior of your home.

cozy rustic interior

Cozy Interiors: Adding Comfort And Warmth To Your Rustic Home

Whatever the season, if you choose to build a rustic or log home, you know decorating the interior has to be done just right with all the coziness these home exude on the exterior. This article gives you ideas on making sure the interior is just as inviting as the exterior.

cheerful child's bedroom thumbnail

Designing Your Child's Room

Make decorating your child's bedroom a fun way to get your child involved while making sure all the important accessories and function are provided. Learn ways to select color schemes and focal points in your child's safe haven.

dining room with hutch thumbnail


Often one of the largest pieces of furniture in your home, the dining room hutch can really make a grand statement with its presence alone. But, fill it with beautiful accessories and tableware and suddenly it'll be that focal point that has always been needed when entertaining in your dining room.

stylish bookcase thumbnail


Even though your home may have a space deficit, that doesn't mean it can't pack a punch when it comes to style! These decorating and design tips will trick you into thinking your living large.

dining room with bold painted wall


If you have an itch to make some changes to the interior of your home without spending a ton of money, this article will give you some great ideas for using the things you have or spending very little in order to get bold and stylish end results.

thumbnail of yellow walled kitchen


Before you decide to bring in a wrecking crew for a kitchen remodel, read about some easy and inexpensive ways to transform your kitchen into something updated, fresh and modern.

Furniture Placement in Loft

Everything In Its Place: Furniture Placement

Avoid some common mistakes of furniture placement that keeps the rooms in your dream home from being all they can be. This article touches on some sure-fire ways to arrange the furniture in your room the perfect way.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the Chinese discipline that many homeowners have turned to making their home less cluttered and full of positive energy for better living. It's a unique and interesting way to guide you into creating a serene and pleasant home environment. Read through the various ideas related to Feng Shui and soon you will see how this can create the positive atmosphere you've been looking for within your home.

Luxury Home With Feng Shui Entry

Financial Feng Shui For Homeowners

This article touches on ways a homeowner can give attention to career and financial guas using the principles of Feng Shui. From lighting to controlling clutter, all of these factors can affect your ability to prosper.

Modern Bathroom Colors

Finding Color: Bathrooms

Adding color to the walls of your home's rooms is a simple and inexpensive way to drastically change the look of an interior space. The same goes for the bathrooms in your home. Painting your bathroom walls with a vibrant splash of color takes this functional space from drab to fab. The examples shown in this article are sure to inspire you.

Bold Office

Home Decorating Trends

Each new year forms its own personality in the home decorating world. Read through the top home decorating trends and find a style perfect for you! Whether you're building a new home, or freshening up your current one, this article has some great decorating ideas from subtle to bold.

Bedroom Houseplant


Houseplants are a great way to fill in the spaces within your home with natural, pleasing greenery. Besides the intermittent plant here and there, there are many ways to incorporate houseplants into a space and make them functional and beautiful all at the same time. Here are some great ways to add a little outdoors into your indoor spaces while also making your indoor air quality better.

Colorful Interior Decorating in Family Room

Interior Design Profile - Karen Pepper

St. Louis designer, Karen Pepper has a style all her own and it's perfectly displayed in this great designer profile. Here you can see some of her great interior design creations and discover what types of things inspire her to create such interesting and beautiful spaces. Perfect at combining style and function, Karen Pepper has a wealth of knowledge that will take rooms to a whole new level.

Kitchen Feng Shui

Kitchen Feng Shui

If you're looking for some insight on the trend of feng shui and want to dig a little deeper into the principles and practices of decorating your home this way, then this article is a great resource. Learn some of the quick and easy tips for making your kitchen exude positive energy and what types of design ideas negate this.

New Kitchen Countertops Ideas

Making Your Kitchen Countertops Count

If you are the chef of the family, you appreciate the functionality of the materials chosen for the kitchen. Not only do you want things that are beautiful, but that are sturdy and able to withstand the test of time. Make your kitchen countertops count and select the right material for your needs and budget.

rustic dining room open to nature thumbnail

Naturally Inspired: Letting Nature Speak In Your Rustic Home

Take cues from the beauty of nature and find ways to draw in the awe-inspiring colors and textures found in nature and add flawlessly into your rustic home.

home office bookshelves thumbnail


Are your bookcases looking less than what is desired? if so, this article will help you de-clutter and reorganize this prized places in your home and make them focal point worthy.

bold small kitchen thumbnail


Take some of these great design ideas and expand your small, cramped kitchen into a visually appealing and functional space no one will ever accuse of being small or boring.

Kitchen Color Decor

Personality of Color

Without our knowledge, the colors that surround us affect our mood and the way we function. This article is an interesting way to discover how color affects our mood and how certain colors should be used or avoided depending on the function of an interior space. Before painting any room, read this article to make sure you've made the right color choice.

decorating your new home

Picture Perfect

Hanging artwork and photography around your home instantly adds your own personal touch that makes your home your very own. This article walks you through ways to make sure your artwork and photography are displayed the best they can be. Everything from proper height and distance from furniture to hanging groupings is discussed in this article.

Thumbnail image of master bedroom with large square mirror over fireplace

Reflections: How Mirrors Make an Impact On Your Decor

As you will see, mirrors symbolize many things when used in decorating and see how to best use them to add drama and create an impact in your home's decor.

beautiful luxury master bedroom thumbnail

Rest Assured: Tips for Creating a Bedroom Oasis

Your bedroom is your own personal oasis. A place to relax, be calm and refresh before a new day begins, or unwind at the end of a long day. Read through these great ideas on how to make your bedroom a place of tranquility for you every single day.

champagne by the bathtub


Beat the winter blues and make your interior surroundings sensuous and cozy or colorful and spirited with these fun and exciting ways to decorate your home for Valentine's Day. Whether your are sharing the holiday with that special someone, or the entire family, here's some fun ways to decorate.

craftsman dining room thumbnail


Whether looking for a formal style hutch for your dining room, or a more casual style hutch for storage in the kitchen, this article will help you determine your needs so you select the perfect hutch design for your home

tranquil spa style bathroom thumbnail


Take your home's bathroom to the next level of relaxation with these amazing tips that will transform a typical bathroom into a tranquil spa-style oasis where you will never want to leave.

cheerful living room thumbnail


Put some life back into your home after a cold, long winter by stripping your home of dark colors and heavy fabrics. Use these design cues to lighten and brighten your home just in time for spring!

Serene Lighting

The Serene Home

How do you maintain balance in your home and life? Today's busy families are always running in many directions trying to get everything taken care of on a daily basis. But, how do you create an atmosphere within your home that promises tranquility and relaxation from the everyday stresses in life? Make your home an oasis that protects you from the world around you by following the steps mentioned in this article.

thumbnail of bedroom with subtle wallpaper


Gone are the days where wallpaper seems more like your grandmother's house! Today's wallpaper designs and bold colors are making a huge splash in the decorating world. See how to use wallpaper in eye-catching ways and take your rooms from drab to fab!

lavish luxury kitchen

Wave Goodbye To These Home Trends

As new ideas, styles and trends emerge, some home design trends fad to the foreground. See what home design trends seem to be fading and why in this article.