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The Serene Home

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Jennifer Jones  by Jennifer Jones

It's not too difficult to picture the home featured in many a movie or television show: the house is a mess, the family rushing around from here to there, and nothing to hear but shouted conversations drowned out by televisions and the random musical instrument.

Serene and relaxing great room

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Or perhaps Hollywood got it right and this is our overwhelming reality. Thankfully, it's not too difficult to take the home back to an oasis of rest and relaxation.

For a truly serene home, it is important to appeal to all five senses:

  • Lighting – Our bodies naturally react to levels of light. Bright lights cause us to be alert and active while dim light can relax and ease. By installing ambient lighting and dimmer switches throughout the home, any space can easily be transformed into a restive room or buzz with activity.

Craftsman Home with Serene Lighting

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  • Noise – For some people, absolute quiet is the perfect sound. However, there are many people that find absolute quiet roars in their ears. Background noises such as fans, sound machines, water fountains, and gentle chimes are all sounds that fill the air without rattling the brain. These are ideal for any space where you may seek extra rest.

Luxury Home with tranquil outdoor living area

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  • Aroma – Coffee brewing in the early morning has been known to pull a sleepyhead or two out of bed. Similarly, scents of lavender and vanilla tend to soothe the tired soul, easing homeowners into restive states. Such scents can be produced from simple air fresheners to glowing candles or burning incense. Also, never overlook the simple joy of fresh air. Cracking open a window on a nice day can do wonders in refreshing a home.

Serene Kitchen Aromas

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  • Color – Blues, purples, greens, and earthy tones are all favorites when it comes to creating a serene atmosphere. These colors are known to invoke reminders of nature, such as tranquil skies, deep forests, and warmth. Mix and match these hues throughout your home for a constant peaceful decor.
  • Comfort – While it's nice if the home is emanating coziness from all sides, it is also important to literally feel comfort within the spaces. Rich fabrics (velvet, silk, satin, etc.), bed linens, curtains, and plush carpets go a long way in wrapping peace around a tired homeowner.

Country Home Serene Comfort

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When it comes to making your home as serene as possible, remember that the above are popular suggestions, but are not rules. Everyone has a different response to light, sounds, smells, and certain touches. The dream home will be the most peaceful place on earth if you are careful to cater to you and your family.

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