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Jennifer Jones  by Jennifer Jones

luxury dining room with hutch

Many homes built today include special features in every corner, crevice and nook. One particular characteristic that homeowners enjoy is a built-in hutch space in the dining room. It sometimes includes an indentation of the walls that allows for the hutch to display its elegance without impeding on useful foot space in the dining area. While some floor plans include an already built-in hutch, other home designs leave the niche space open so the homeowner can select the perfect hutch of their choosing. When picking out the ideal hutch design, keep in mind what would be the main purpose for your hutch.


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There are multiple reasons for purchasing a hutch. Not only do they provide more storage, most hutch designs are utilized for displaying treasures items. In the past, they were often utilized for flaunting fine china and dishware. However, the dining room hutch has evolved from the classic “grandmother’s” display of antique dishes and heirlooms. Many homeowners today use them more as a bookcase-type of displaying sophisticated keepsakes. This allows for a multitude of decorating options, including such items like picture frames, artwork, and collectibles as well as the traditional kitchen items.

stylish dining room with hutch

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While the prospective display items are important to consider when deciding on a hutch style, it is also important to test the specific features of the hutch. The doors of the hutch should be able to swing open easily and without banging into walls and other items. You do not want doors that pop or stick when opening, since this will shake the hutch and can be harmful to the delicate items on display. The hinges of the doors should be inspected carefully for damage and squeaks. Some people will update their hutch by replacing old hinges and knobs with new hardware options including porcelain, glass, cast iron, brass or silver fixtures. If the wood had minor scratches, a fresh coat of refinishing oil can help disguise blemishes. Many designs feature glass shelves on the top with glass doors, and the lower portion is composed of wood shelves and doors. Keep in mind that these upper glass shelves will be more sensitive to weight, and the lower portion can be utilized the most as heavier storage.

stylish hutch and chair arrangement

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Now that you have picked a hutch and have it in place, the fun activity of decorating begins. Many people decide on a particular theme for their hutch décor. It can be based on colors, patterns, shapes or the subject of the items that will be featured. If you have a theme of your dining area, it may be a choice to continue that theme with your hutch. For example, crystal items match the romantic dining room style with a glass chandelier. Wooden and antique pieces go well with a rustic design. Other homeowners like to have everything in the hutch match, like all consisting of porcelain, glass or a figurine collection. Whether you prefer busy or basic, sticking to a theme will help achieve the perfect décor for your hutch.

A seasonal theme is popular among many people. Pumpkins, gourds and a cornucopia make an excellent autumn display. Garlands of colored leaves in the hutch as well as around the dining area can tie together the fall theme. Classic Christmas colors of red and green with silk poinsettias provide a festive atmosphere. Winter calls for hues of blues and whites, with snow globes and tinsel creating a snowy feel. Bright vases with colorful flowers and family photos are perfect for celebrating springtime. Summer is best expressed with tropical prints, seashells and vacation photos. Not only does a seasonal theme give a fresh look to your dining area every few months, but it also is a lot of fun collecting items and decorating for every season.

stunning dining room with hutch

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For a more classic and elegant presentation, hutches will always be excellent for displaying your dishes. Ornate serving trays and platters should be placed at the back of the shelves to set a backdrop for the other items. Dinner plates that are heavier should go near the bottom of the shelves, while lighter items such as glasses can go on the top. Many hutches include grooves at the rear of the shelves that assist with holding plates in place. Some designs also feature little hooks that are perfect for teacups and silverware to hang neatly.

dining room with country style hutch

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Once you have a particular theme in mind, the perfect arrangement of the items can make or break your hutch design. Balance plays a major role when organizing the items. Larger items are best placed at the rear with smaller pieces near the front to offset them. Some people like the formal design that is usually symmetrical, while others prefer a casual asymmetric arrangement. Creativity goes a long way when displaying your theme. Wallpapering the interior of the hutch has become a popular trend and provides a contrasting backdrop for the display items. A framed mirror leaning against the back of the space gives the illusion of a bigger space. Small, framed artwork, like paintings and photos, provides a traditional setting. Moving the pieces around and stepping back to view will help you find the perfect arrangement that suits your artistic traits. Before you know it, your hutch will be the perfect display for your home. Whether it perfectly matches your home décor or it stands out as a conversation piece, there is no doubt that you will be pleased with your newly decorated hutch.

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