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Jennifer Jones  by Jennifer Jones

champagne by a bathtub

January can be a long, cold month for many people. The holidays are over and everyone is back to work and school. Why not start decorating your house for Valentine’s Day to help beat the winter blues? Nothing warms up a home more than comforting candles, plush fabrics and red hearts. Some homeowners will take the passionate style to a new level when decorating to romance a loved one. Instead of fighting the crowds on Valentine’s Day, this provides the perfect atmosphere for a cozy, home-cooked dinner and cuddling up on the couch for a movie. Other families who spend the day with children often choose to decorate with bright lights, happy hearts and cheerful cupids all over the home. Decorations can be very affordable by visiting dollar stores as well as getting creative, and most of them can be stored and reused for next year. Whether you want to go deeply romantic or keep it playful for the kids, decorating for Valentine’s Day is the perfect way to brighten everyone’s spirits.

Outdoor Décor

Not many homeowners decorate the exterior of their home for Valentine’s Day, but the kids do love those giant blow-up hearts and cupids in the front yard. However, if that is not quite your style, you can always string up some delightful little lights to celebrate Valentine’s Day. White or clear lights go on sale after Christmas, so this is a great time to purchase new light strands. Some department stores offer pink, purple or red lights that are perfect to brightening up bushes, trees, railings or the front door. Garland can also be used to spruce up your entryway. It comes in a variety of colors and can look festively striking against a blanket of snow.

Valentine garland

Garland & Fabrics

The interior of the home should appear warm and inviting for Valentine’s Day. A good first step is to clean up the house and clear out clutter. This will create more appealing surroundings. Garland can be found at retail stores and comes in a wide variety of colors. Many people will use garland to surround their picture frames, adorn doorways and wrap on stair banisters. Fabric decorations are excellent for a variety of purposes. Drapes and curtains can help block outside lights and external noise. They also can catch the wind and provide a flowing atmosphere. Most people choose a dark, alluring color fabrics for a romantic mood. Bedding is an essential detail for producing the utmost relaxation. Many people enjoy the feel of silk and satin bed sheets. A big, fluffy comforter blanket is perfect for cuddling when the weather is chilly outside. Consider adding a few extra special touches to the bed décor, such as a heart shaped pillow. Velvet, velour and faux fur provide excellent texture to the overall appeal. For those handymen out there, it would be a great touch to add a canopy above the bed for the most romantic atmosphere.

Candles & Lighting

It would not be a Valentine’s Day without candles! They exude feelings of intimacy and are excellent stress relievers as well as provide a fragrant smell and charming glow that will appeal to the senses. Group them together in several different corners of the room for the best candlelight effect. Mirrors combined with candles will reflect the light, provide more depth, and supply twice the charm. Handsome crystal bowls and dishes are perfect for tealights, floating candles and candleholders. Arrange candles at different heights for prominent attractiveness. Many homeowners also like to hang mini lights that were left over from the holidays for a cozy lighting option. Some retail stores sell red, pink and purple colored lights that provide the perfect touch for the romantic holiday. Keep the overhead lights and lamps as soft as possible by adding dimmer switches.

red roses


The most popular flower of Valentine’s Day is the rose. They come in a variety of colors including yellow, red, white and pink. Even a single rose in a slender vase can be a remarkably romantic gesture. Carnations are another flower that is associated with the romantic holiday. Some flower shops sell carnations in all types of colors by putting the cut flower stems in colored water. The flower petals soak up the food coloring and display the color of choice. Fresh flowers often produce aromas that will make your home smell amazing. If fresh flowers are not in your budget, consider decorating with silk roses and faux flowers. They are perfect for decorating all around the house since they do not require water. Silk flowers will last forever and come in just about any color desired.



The key to many people’s hearts is often through their sweet tooth. Candy and chocolates have been associated with Valentine’s Day for decades. Chocolate covered strawberries are very popular, especially for fruit lovers. Boxes of chocolate make excellent gifts for people of all ages. Valentine candies can look lovely in a crystal dish placed on the table and around the house.

bedroom with romantic lighting

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Creativity Counts

You do not have to spend a lot of money to impress loved ones on Valentine’s Day. Even something as simple as creating a homemade card can be incredibly charming. Prepare a special romantic dinner to start the evening and decorate the table top with candles and sheer fabrics. Be sure to set up the table with nice dishes and champagne glasses. Additionally, music is excellent for relaxation and setting a calming mood. Just remember to be as thoughtful as possible and the love will flow.


With a bit of creativity and a lot of care, decorating for Valentine’s Day can be a pretty easy task. Just remember to be mindful of their feelings and you will most likely receive that in return. Even if your decorating does not turn out exactly as planned, kids and partners alike will appreciate the effort. And most of all, don’t forget to relax and enjoy this charming day.

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