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Jennifer Jones by Jennifer Jones

The kitchen is known as the heart of the home, the comforting place where family and friends gather together. In the practice of feng shui, this description comes as no surprise as the kitchen is often viewed as the place of health and prosperity within the home. Taking a few feng shui measures may make all the difference in keeping your kitchen functional and the chi flowing.

          luxury and clean kitchen floor plan

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  • Keep it clean - A shining clean kitchen is a space that is filled with good energy from top to bottom. Keep the clutter out and surfaces wiped down. Do not forget to wipe down windows and other surfaces often overlooked.

  • Keep it clear - Along with keeping the surfaces clean, it is important to keep the closed spaces clear. Take the time to go through the cabinets and drawers and organize the mess. Do not panic! The junk drawer can stay- simply go through it and make it easier to assess. Drawer dividers are ideal for keeping cooking tools handy and banishing the clutter.

    Traditional style kitchen with fresh colorful flower arrangement
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  • Keep it colorful - Earth and fire colors are ideal in the large kitchen as long as kept in balance with one another. Too much of one or the other can create the wrong energy. Smaller spaces tend to lean toward monochromatic light colors. High gloss paints are ideal as matte paints are dull and do not reflect energy. In the end, remember that personal preference plays just as large a role – if a recommended color makes you uncomfortable then it really is not helping the chi at all. Essential colors do not have to fill the walls. Trim and decorative accents add the perfect amount without overwhelming you or the space.

    Casual kitchen floor plan with fresh produce and an inviting atmosphere
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  • Keep it fresh - Fresh flowers and produce displayed for guests keep the positive energy tangible and the kitchen vibrant. Some fruits, such as oranges for luck, are symbolic and can be used to your advantage in different situations.

  • Keep it working - If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then the stove is the heart of the kitchen. A broken or malfunctioning stove can be a sign of financial distress and should be dealt with sooner rather than later. An unused stove can mean unused resources. Even if minimally, make efforts to use the stove and each burner regularly to keep opportunity flowing. Plumbing issues should never be ignored, as it is a drain of resources.

    Luxury kitchen floor plan with great appliance placement
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  • Keep it in place - Stoves and sinks should not be placed opposite one another as water and fire create tension. Stoves should not be placed opposite doorways or under windows due to the lack of support and easy drain of energy. Knives and blades should not be openly displayed, but rather stored in a drawer or butcher block. Bulky items should not be stored overhead, or at least not over places where you rest or work consistently. Water should not be left on the stove as it weakens the fire element. Lastly, a crystal placed in a window can catch sunlight and cast it over the rest of the space.

These are just a few of some basic feng shui applications in your home’s kitchen. It is not important to incorporate all these details into your kitchen; functionality is your first priority. Evaluate the space regularly and put into practice whatever feels right at the time.

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