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Rest Assured: Tips for Creating a Bedroom Oasis

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Jennifer Jones  by Jennifer Jones

Whether you retreat into your bedroom to escape the chaos of everyday life or you simply need some good, old-fashioned shut-eye, your bedroom should become your private vacation. With the fast-paced quality of life that so many enjoy in this day and age, everyone needs a place where they can let loose, unwind, and be themselves.

And unlike any other room in your house, your bedroom is truly meant for your own personal relaxation. Just because you don’t entertain your guests in your bedroom doesn’t mean that you should cheat yourself and skimp on decorating. In fact, with your bedroom you don’t have to consider what guests might think; you are creating a room purely for your own enjoyment so you can do whatever you want!

neutral bedroom decor

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Color Me Comfortable

So how do you go about creating an oasis for yourself? Well, step one you want to add some color to your blank canvas. As a room that you will spend about a third of your time in, choose a color that you actually like and can stand for extended periods of time. However, most of this time is spent sleeping, so choosing soft, soothing colors will create a serene atmosphere and help you sleep. As a rule of thumb, colors that give you headaches should be avoided at all costs for your bedroom. Blue is a very relaxing color for your walls, but you could also use neutral colors to add warmth to your room.

jungle themed master bedroom

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Personality Adds Pizzazz

Once you have picked your wall colors, you can then add more personality and color with other accent pieces and decorations. For example, use your bedspread to your advantage and pick out a pattern that will add interest to the room. Other accent pieces like lampshades or artwork can bring your room to life without overwhelming the peaceful mood. Also, because this is your personal space, decorate with things you love like pictures or memorabilia. Have fun expressing yourself with your décor but don’t go overboard. You want to decorate with consistency so that the room doesn’t feel cluttered with mismatched items and you can achieve your overall aesthetic.

luxurious master bedroom suite

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Mattress Matters

Now, for the most important part of the room: the bed! First things first, consider the size of your bed. Keep in mind that your bed should comfortably accommodate you and, if applicable, your partner. When sharing a bed, you should have at least a double or full sized bed, but you may want more room. As long as the bed fits into your room and your budget, pick out whatever is comfortable. Also very important is your mattress. Do your homework and know what you like in terms of firmness and materials so that you can invest in a mattress that will give you many years of pleasant nights.


Luxurious master bedroom in rich chocolate tones

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Pillow Pileup

Finally, you can never have too many pillows! Pillows signify comfort and leisure: the perfect combination for your bedroom. Go wild with your pillow selection because even if you don’t need them all to sleep, you can just set them aside for the night. Plus, they provide great accent pieces. The designs on the pillows don’t need to be matchy-matchy, in fact, as long as there is some sort of connecting element, the different and unique pillows can add great aesthetic appeal to your room. So don’t skimp on the pillows!

modern master bedroom with bright colors

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Above the Bed

After picking out the perfect bed, think about the area on your wall above your bed. Often this space is just left blank, but if you choose the right headboard or the right artwork, it can become the focal point of the room. Again, this is your chance to let your personality shine through, while staying consistent. Something you can easily do is hang a graphic quilt above your bed. This will create an illusion of a headboard, while still being a stylish work of art. Another option could be an upholstered headboard. This type of headboard brings softness and comfort into your room, which is perfect for relaxation and proves to be an agreeable support when reading in bed. And speaking of reading in bed, consider getting wall lamps to hang beside your bed. Conveniently placed, these lamps will free up the valuable space on your end table and reduce your frustration at not having enough room for everything.

stylish and calming master bedroom suite

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Kick the Clutter

Finally, now that you have a beautiful room where you can relax and enjoy life, you want to keep it free of mess. It can be so easy to just let the clutter pile up but when you let it get out of hand, the disorder will override the relaxing atmosphere of your bedroom. Constantly seeing the junk strewn about your room will continue to stimulate your mind even as you try to settle down or sleep. Also, using scented candles or linen oils can make a big difference in the smell of your room and how you feel when you are in there. So use relaxing scents, kick the detrimental clutter, and don’t let the mess overwhelm you!

Your bedroom is your oasis, your own private island, so make sure that you love everything you put in there. Even if guests aren’t constantly trampling through, you can still decorate and furnish to create a high quality living space. Stick to peaceful colors, add some personality, avoid clutter, and remember: you can always use more pillows!

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