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Personality of Color

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Leslie Patterson  by Leslie Patterson


Color and psychology meet in the interior decorating world.

Without ever being aware, colors can affect our moods and how we function while viewing them. By learning how colors work, you can choose color schemes for your home to reflect your family’s personality.

Blue Bedroom Interior Decor


Classic and cool, blue has the ability to lower blood pressure and make you feel at ease. Nothing is more peaceful for a bedroom. However, beware of grayish blues which are usually too cold for comfort. Deeper hues leaning toward red or green are warmer and more welcoming.

Green Bedroom Interior Decor

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Green is the color of hope and rejuvenation and will revive and soothe your spirit. Green rarely feels cold, making it a sound choice for bedrooms or anywhere you seek comfort. Yellow tones are more stimulating and would be good for a kitchen or dining room, while blue tones are more calming.

Violet Bedroom Interior Decor

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Violet in its pure form is indisputably regal. It speaks to the creative and delicate alike. Ranging from meditative lavender to the sophisticated eggplant, this color works well anywhere.

Cool colors include blue, green and violet. These tranquil hues calm, refresh and lift spirits. They are best used in rooms for rest and relaxation such as the bedroom, living room, spa or sun porch.

Red Interior Decor

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You can’t miss red; it cannot be ignored. This color stimulates and excites which makes it ideal for rooms you want to encourage lively conversation or hearty appetites. Pared down shades of pink work well for bedrooms, promoting a sense of well-being and happiness. Whatever the shade, red is sure to add a little sizzle.

Yellow Kitchen Decor

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The color of a sunny day, yellow evokes warmth and cheer, giving an instant lift. This color is an excellent choice for an entertaining room, making guests feel welcomed. To stay “happy” versus “warning” lean toward creamy yellows; which are perfect softened with white accents.

Brown Bathroom Decor

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Neutrals (beige, brown, taupe, white, gray and black) are a quiet alternative to color that is rather refreshing. They are perfect for rooms that connect to other rooms for a nice transition. They are also a good option for rooms that spotlight collections, letting your prized possessions speak for themselves.

Warm colors include red, yellow and orange. These energetic hues inspire and command attention. They are best used in active rooms such as entryways, dining rooms, and rooms for entertaining.

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