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Leslie Patterson  by Leslie Patterson

Pamper family and friends with an inviting guest bedroom.

Guest Bedroom Decor

Opening your doors to family and friends will make your home come alive with spirit. Creating a retreat for your guests will make them feel comfortable, pampered, and most importantly, at home. Spoil your guests with an amazing guest bedroom suite that will make them return for visits time and time again.

There are several tips and tricks to create a magnificent guest bedroom. Follow these ideas and you may never have your house to yourself again.

Choose a theme with a traditional color palette. Soothing tones work best to make your guests feel comfortable. Some throw pillows, a blanket, matching artwork and curtains will help tie the look together.

Use only your best. Resist the urge to use what you don’t want to use in your own bedroom. Your guests deserve the best, including sheets, bedspreads, mattress and pillows. Provide plenty of blankets no matter what the temperature, as well as a fan if the room doesn’t have a ceiling fan. Treat this space as a luxury hotel and your family and friends will be eager to stay awhile.

Inviting Guest Bedroom

Make sure the guest bedroom has all the right pieces of furniture. A decorative bed is only the beginning. Flank the bed with nightstands, each one equipped with a reading lamp, so guests who are sharing the bedroom can enjoy the space even if one may be sleeping. Offer an area for clothing storage, either a chest of drawers or a closet with hangers. A cozy seat also warms the space and invites the guests to enjoy the area for rest or reading. And, if you have the space, add a dressing or vanity mirror so your guests are able to freshen up a little before greeting everyone.

Don’t use this space as a storage room. A guest bedroom is just that. In order to make your guests feel welcome, store your overflowing belongings elsewhere, including all your exercise equipment!

Remember the little things. Guests do not want to feel like they are intruding so always be one step ahead of them. Furnish the room with essentials such as a set of towels, a wastebasket, night light, facial tissues, and an alarm clock. Going further, it is nice to provide amenities including fresh flowers, books or magazines, a welcome basket filled with travel items, bottled water and a glass, potpourri, and dish with mints or candy.

One last tip before opening your home to overnight guests: stay a night in the suite you’ve created. Make sure the lighting is appropriate, the furniture is arranged for an easy flow, and the bed is fit for a dream-like sleep. After you make any necessary changes you can sleep easy knowing your guests have nothing but the best.

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