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Cozy Interiors: Adding Comfort And Warmth To Your Rustic Home

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Kimberly Blackford  by Kimberly Blackford

When cold weather settles around your home, keeping the inside warm and cozy becomes a top priority. Thankfully, no matter the temperature outside, it’s not too difficult to make your interior space the perfect place to wait out the winter.

First, examine the insulation. Caulking small cracks and gaps can drastically increase the efficiency of a home’s heating system. Weatherstripping and exchanging curtain sheers for heavy drapes also does wonders. In extreme cases, decorative curtains can be placed over doorways to seal out drafts. This is especially good for keeping heat in bedrooms and out of rarely used spaces. Fireplaces should be inspected and cleaned in preparation for more frequent use. Screens should be placed on top of chimneys to prevent wildlife from becoming trapped.

Decorative elements also do wonders for creating a warm space in cold weather. Most country and log homes have wooden or stone flooring. While beautifully eye-catching, these flooring options can be unbearably cold when the outside temperature drops. Melting snow can also make bare floors a safety hazard. Decorative rugs are the perfect solution against both issues.

 beautiful rustic living room with fireplace

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Some of the best decorative elements are the ones that are both lovely and functional. Dark, rich colors like plum and scarlet are warm and inviting. These colors can be incorporated in decorative pillows and throws placed around rooms for extra comfort. Quilts just within arms reach throughout the home offer a special touch but are certainly useful. Baskets are perfect storage for household necessities like blankets and firewood but do so inconspicuously.

cozy and warm sitting room with fireplace

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Beyond basic decor, lighting is important for creating a desirable atmosphere. Cold weather typically brings shorter daylight hours. Lack of natural light causes a variety of strains, so prevent problems with accent lighting. Kerosene and oil lamps, spicy scented candles, and fireplaces are ideal for creating ambience and improving a room.


Whether you take advantage of one idea or all, winter is the perfect time to change up the interior space. Invest in maintenance and decor that raises a smile despite the dropping temperatures.

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