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stylish hutch


Many homes today are designed with a designated space for a dining room hutch. The room will feature an indentation in the wall that is perfect for some sort of shelving unit. A hutch is a cabinet, usually constructed out of wood, that offers additional storage and display space. They are great for kitchens as well as dining rooms. Hutches come in a wide variety of sizes, functions and styles. There are several considerations that will help determine the perfect hutch for your home.

Size is one of the most important aspects that you will need to know when choosing a hutch. It is a great idea to select the spot where your hutch will reside before you purchase this large piece of furniture. It will have to be able to fit in the allotted space. Many homeowners will measure the designated area for the maximum length, width and height that is available for the hutch. The height of a hutch can range anywhere from 4 feet to 6 feet tall. Lengths vary between 4 and 5 feet across. If you have a very specific size of space available, it is possible to custom order a hutch in just about any size that you prefer.


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You will also need to decide what will be the main purpose of your hutch. They come in a wide variety of purposes, from displaying collections to serving food. How you intend to use you hutch will help you choose which type to purchase. Some are very formal and sophisticated, whereas others are quirky and fun. Open display hutch sections feature glass doors, glass shelves and decorative clear panels. Closed-door sections are used primarily for storage and safekeeping of items. They have solid wood doors and sturdy interior shelves. Depending on the type of hutch, some designs include a combination of these sections.

dining room with two hutches

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China Hutch - Many homeowners use hutches to display china and other kitchenware. China hutches can be used to showcase just about anything, including artwork, figurines, photo frames and any other collections. These display hutches often become a beautiful focal point for any room, especially a dining area. Also known as china cabinets, they are functional pieces of furniture that create an eye-catching display. Being the largest type of hutch, china cabinets incorporate wooden doors with glass panes on the top section. The interiors of the upper cabinets usually consist of glass shelves that provide a sophisticated display for fine china and other elegant items. The lower portion usually has solid wood doors and some have drawers that are handy for storing silverware and fancy linens. China cabinets tend to be the widest type of hutch, so be sure the designated area has enough available space.

Buffet Hutch - The simplest of hutch designs is known as a buffet hutch. They have flat tops that make serving meals and drinks a breeze. They are also great for displaying a bowl of fruit or as a liquor stand. Buffet hutches are generally shorter in size to offer ease when serving. The lower portion consists of cabinet storage and sometimes shelves. Depending on the quality of the hutch, cabinet doors can either be glass for display purposes or solid wood for storage functionality. Some styles of these smaller hutches come with wheels that assist with transporting it from one room to another. Occasionally buffet hutches will have a few wire shelves on the top that are set up higher as to not interfere with the flat serving space.

craftsman style dining room with hutch

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Storage Hutch - Some hutches are built primarily as storage furniture. These pieces usually do not have a great deal of display glass and focus mainly on cabinet space. This allows for a tidy appearance when storing unsightly items. It is helpful to know what you may want to store before you purchase a storage hutch. They have a wide variety of storage options, including drawers, cabinets, wine racks and shelves. Drawers are excellent for silverware and other smaller kitchen items. Open and adjustable shelves are perfect for larger items like bowls and dishes. Some hutches feature hooks that are useful for hanging cups.

country kitchen hutch

Kitchen Hutch - Kitchen hutches are generally pretty tall and very solid. Some can get up to six feet high. The top portion usually consists of shelves, sometimes with glass doors but more often without doors. Additionally, these top shelves are generally wide apart, providing ample space for displaying and storing larger items like cake plates and vases that do not fit easily on the counter. There is flat space available just beneath the upper shelves and above the lower cabinet space. The lower doors are usually solid wood, making it an excellent storage space. No matter what the size of hutch that you choose, be sure that the selves are sturdy enough to hold the weight of kitchen items on a daily basis.

Corner Hutch - If you are limited on wall space, a corner hutch may be the perfect solution for you. They are triangular in shape and great for tight spaces. The three sides allow for an excellent fit in unused and overlooked corners. Corner hutches come in all varieties, from storage efficiency designs to display opportunities. They are mostly used for extra storage in smaller space, providing an attractive appearance for hiding kitchen equipment.

modern style dining room with hutch

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Now that you have decided on the style that fits your home, it is time to choose the ideal finish of your wood hutch. Many homeowners begin their search by narrowing the selection down to the pieces that match the existing décor of the room. Dark wood hutches are popular for their sophisticated appearance and easy maintenance. Hutches made from a light colored wood prove to be cheerful and inviting. Painted and stained hutches provide a bit of flair, but are a bit more difficult to maintain a nice appearance. If you prefer a different material other than wood, some hutches are available in metal or stainless steel finishes. These designs radiate a modern appeal and look very sleek when paired with other steel appliances. If corresponding your hutch to the existing décor does not appeal to you, a unique hutch that does not blend with the other furniture will create an excellent focal point.

traditionally styled hutch

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Homeowners will purchase a hutch for a number of purposes. They can provide a classy and refined way to showcase your collections. They are great for additional storage of kitchenware.  Many feature both of these handy characteristics. No matter what your preference, a hutch will prove to be a functional and beautiful piece of furniture for your room.

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