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Home Maintenance

Kohler Lawson Bathroom

Bathroom CleanING TIPS

Cleaning a bathroom might not be at the top of your list of fun things to do, but this article explains some great pointers for quickly and effectively cleaning your bathroom. Taking a few moments each day makes maintaining your bathroom a breeze.

clean air quality outdoors

Clean Air Quality for Your Home

So many factors affect the air quality within the walls of your home. From dust to mold, this article touches on the various culprits that pollute the air within your home. Whether you are trying to live a greener lifestyle or suffer from lung conditions such as asthma, this article is an important one to read.

organized kitchen thumbnail


The kitchen always becomes the "drop zone" in the house and before you know it, there isn't any space for what your kitchen was designed to do; cook! Take some great cues from this article and discover how to easily pair down all the clutter and make your kitchen well-functioning once again.

Traditional House Plan Bathroom

Effective Bathroom Organization

A bathroom can be a tranquil oasis, but that dream can quickly be shattered if there is too much clutter lying around. Tackle some of the clutter by discarding the things you don't need and create ways to store the items you do. Once you get the things you need organized and neat, you can create a serene place for relaxing free of all the stuff.

thumbnail image of essential tools for your home

Essential Tools For Every Home

Maybe you're a brand-new homeowner, or want to replenish your toolbox, either way this article discusses all the tools and supplies a well-prepared homeowner needs to complete those do-it-yourself projects. From painting supplies to a basic hammer and nails, it's important to have all the tools you will need right on-hand for any home improvement project you begin.

Luxury Home Flooring

Fast Fixes AT HOME

Here are some great ideas for making some fast fixes around your house that can really make a difference in the overall appearance and feeling of your home. Does your home need some sprucing up? Well, here’s a great place to start gathering your thoughts and deciding which project to tackle first.

Closet Shelving

Get Organized

Whether it's a mud room, walk-in closet or home office, a cluttered home creates a cluttered mind. Freeing and organizing the spaces throughout your home will provide a better, more organized life. Take cues from this article and determine how to organize the spaces within your home for better function for the entire family.

backyard swing set


Before you begin scrubbing down the floors and cleaning all the woodwork this spring, there's some other areas of your home that are easy to tend to, but make a big impact on your family's safety and health. Take a look at these healthy spring cleaning tips.

Home Air-Conditioning Unit

Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning & Cooling…Oh My!

Most homeowners take the heating and air-conditioning of their homes for granted. They expect their home to be cool and pleasant in the summer months and warm and cozy in the winter. But, it is important to understand the various products available for maintaining an enjoyable temperature all year long.

Freedomrail organized food pantry

Home Remodeling Trends

There are some easy and inexpensive home remodeling trends right now that will give your home a new, updated look while making your home more appealing, efficient and organized.

ClosetMaid white kitchen pantry

How to Organize Your Kitchen Pantry

Besides making your home even more organized, getting your kitchen pantry in order will keep pests away and help you save money on your grocery bills. Take a look at these great tips for getting your pantry organized and neat in no time!

open doorway


From moisture issues to good ventilation. this time of the year reminds us to properly take care of our indoor air situation, so as the weather begins to cool down and we rely on our furnaces, our home can remain a healthy oasis free of allergens and other things that make it uncomfortable.

finger flicking dead insect

Keeping Out Household Pests

This is a great article for refreshing a homeowner's mind on how to keep household pests at bay. Although many of the tips seem logical, it's a great idea to practice these ideas each year as colder weather approaches and outdoor pests try to find a way into your beautiful home.

Closet Organization System

Kid’s Closets

Looking for inventive ways to utilize your kid’s storage and closet spaces? This article includes some great examples for using your space to the max. This article will help you cull the clutter in your children’s rooms and get the entire family organized in no time.

Kohler's Kitchen Carthage Sink

Kitchen CleanING TIPS

No doubt the "catch-alls" for every home, the kitchen quickly becomes the most popular room in every home making it the place where dirt, clutter and germs are bound to gather. Take some cues from this article and learn all the ways possible to keep your kitchen sparkling clean without hours of backbreaking work. With a little effort each day, things will remain clean and tidy.

organized cabinet thumbnail


This bustling epicenter in the home is easy to make inefficient. Whether it's overflowing drawers of utensils or a stuffed pantry and cabinets, learn some great ways to organize your kitchen and gain storage space with this article's great tips.

Luxury linen closet located in a private master bath

Linen Closet Organization

The linen closet offers a convenient way to keep towels and linens easily at your disposal. Check out the best way to organize your linen closet in your dream home. This article includes the best way to tackle this chore.

large luxury home plan closet

Master BEDROOM Closet Organization

One of the biggest luxuries for a homeowner is an abundance of storage space. Most home plans now include luxury oversized walk-in closets with extra amenities for organizing clothing, shoes and accessories in the most perfect way possible. Discover some of the ideal storage solutions available for organizing your master bedroom closet.

thumbnail image of mud room lockers

Organizing Small Homes

Use this room-by-room guide to organize and maintain a neat and clutter-free small home. By using these great storage ideas and techniques, you can keep control over your household items and keep from having to downsize your family's favorite things.

home with storm damage

Protecting Your Home from Storm Damage

A home may be a "man's castle", but it surely can't always withstand the forces of Mother Nature. At any given time, your home can be threatened by any type of violent weather or storm, so there are certain measures you must take into consideration to ensure you, your family and your belongings are protected to the best of your ability.

radon symbol thumbnail


This comprehensive article takes you through all aspects of radon testing for your home and also explains in detail why radon occurs, the urgency if found, and how to mitigate the problem in the future.

spring cleaning supplies


Don't let another spring cleaning go by without reading some of the often missed tasks that will keep your home cleaner not just in the spring, but all year long.

Attic Insulation

Slowing the Flow: HOME Insulation Working for You

Insulation might not seem like a "hot topic" of any home, but when it isn't used to the best of its ability, it will surely show in your energy bills. It's important from the start to make sure your home is insulated thoroughly from top to bottom. Eliminating pesky drafts will lower your energy bills and provide the perfect climate within your home.

Kitchen Storage

Smart Storage Solutions

Getting rid of the clutter in your home creates a place where you don't feel so overwhelmed. Adding some smart solutions to rooms throughout your home will make organizing natural and easy for the entire family. Once everyone gets into the habit of living an organized life, then there will be no turning back. Get everyone started off on the right foot with this article's ideas.

painting your home

Something Old, Something New: Home Remodeling

At some point, the home you live in will require some TLC. Time will take a toll on your once new home and soon painting and repairs will be needed. This article discusses some of the favorite current projects homeowners are starting to make their home a new and improved version of its original self.

Spring Cleaning Supplies For Your Home

Spring Cleaning TIPS

After a long winter with the windows being closed up and the house being cozy and sometimes stuffy, it's nice to throw the windows open and get down to the nitty gritty of tackling the dust and dirt that has kept your home from being spotless all winter long. This article takes you step-by-step through each room of your home and how to clean it to your best ability.

home furnace thumbnail


If you're in need of a new furnace, learn how to rid your new or existing home of drafts and maintain a cozy and inviting atmosphere all winter long. These tips for choosing the right furnace will have your home comfortable and running efficiently from the start.

man on ladder thumbnail


Before starting that next do-it-yourself project that requires work on a ladder, read how to safely use all types of ladders and avoid serious injury by not being well-informed about ladder safety.

Double sinks accent bathroom decor

What Comes In, Must Come Out: Home Plumbing

Often taken for granted, the plumbing system of your home provides you and your family with the basic comforts of hot and cold water whenever you need it. Whether you're taking a nice hot shower or washing laundry, we expect water to be readily available for all of our personal and household needs.