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Keeping Out Household Pests

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Kimberly Blackford  by KImberly Blackford

Does the thought of mice or spiders invading your house give you the shivers? You’re not the only homeowner that feels this way! Sharing your space with creatures you feel should remain outdoors is never desired by anyone. Not only do they pose a health threat to all those in your family, they will make your home much less desirable in the event you plan to move. Combat these creatures with the steps mentioned below and you will feel more at peace in your own home.

household pest being flicked by finger

Keep It Clean

Many times rodents such as rats and mice are drawn to a home when it is not kept as clean and tidy as it should. Always keep your kitchen, pantries and food storage areas neat and clean. And, if at all possible, remove food from the floor. Many homeowners choose to store potatoes, dry goods, and other produce that doesn’t require refrigeration at the floor level. This will only increase the possibility of mice and other creatures getting a chance to enjoy them. Also, if spills or crumbs fall to the floor, clean up the mess right away. Remnants of sticky juices and breadcrumbs appear like a tasty treat for many pests. Just because your floors and pantries are clean doesn’t mean you’re completely safe. Don’t let your trash pile up. Get in the habit of taking out the trash regularly to avoid smells and food from being within a pests reach. And, be sure to always grind any food in the garbage disposal after cleaning the dinner plates each night. And, take it one step further by pouring some household bleach down the drain. This will keep cockroaches for feeling at home there.


In addition, every home has to deal with them, but if cockroaches have become a problem and you have a pet, be sure to remove all pet food and water bowls from the floor every night.

Another way to keep pests out is by filling in cracks or openings especially in plumbing areas in the kitchen and bathrooms. If there’s an opportunity for a pest to enter, they will. Eliminate the small openings and you will make your house less obtainable.

When it comes to insects such as ants, roaches and other bugs, most often they are attracted to the inside of your home because the outside surrounding yard is wet. These insects are seeking drier conditions and your home is just the place. Once again, sealing up any cracks and keeping your home shut from the outdoor elements will help.


How To Rid Your Home Once Invaded

Obviously, mouse traps whether the glue type, or the traditional spring-style will help with ridding your home of this type of pest. And, if necessary there are countless pest control companies who specialize in removing pests in a variety of ways that will be safe for your family.

But, what about insects or moths? Another simple and environmentally friendly way of destroying household pests that infest food storage containers or even clothing is by putting the containers in the freezer or the clothing into plastic bags and placing them in the freezer for a minimum of 72 hours. These freezing temperatures will kill all stages of household pests such as insects and moths without doing any harm to the food or clothing.

When it comes to easy riddance of spiders and other insects, your vacuum cleaner is one of the best ways to exterminate. Not only is it very accessible, but it’s also a powerful tool in the fight of indoor pests. Vacuum up insects, food sources and other debris that draw these pests into your home.

Also, bait stations are a great option if you have ant or cockroach problems. The insect will collect the poisoned bait and take it back to the nest so it is shared with the entire colony. This will eliminate a large pest problem much better than a sticky trap that only kills one insect at a time.

Unlike many rewards that come with homeownership, household pests are not one of these aspects, but if you start with a clean home that is uninviting to insects, rodents and other creatures, you will live in better health with greater peace of mind for your whole family.

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