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Jennifer Jones  by Jennifer Jones

When you think about all the rooms throughout your home, the closet does not come to mind as a space that sees a lot of traffic. However, homeowners everywhere have to admit- the closet is a vital space in every home! It is also one of the more frustrating spaces as closets seem to gather all sorts of clutter beyond what it was intended to hold. The master bedroom closet is no exception.

large luxury walk-in closet

The first step in reorganizing the master bedroom closet is evaluation. How can you organize your belongings until you truly

know what is there? Start going through your closet’s contents

and sort them into piles.

Clothes, shoes, and accessories that are damaged, outdated, or

that do not fit need to be set aside to deal with appropriately. Do you have numerous objects that would be better stored elsewhere in your home? Do not put any of that back in the closet!

Next, look at the space itself. In comparison to the items you have

to store, how much room do you have? Whether a small space or a luxurious walk-in, there are a number of organization methods

you can use to battle the clutter. For example, closets with smaller floor plans need to make the most of vertical space. Double hanging rods allow shirts and pants to be hung neatly in different rows, or each family member can utilize a designated row. Floor to ceiling shelving units are ideal for keeping bulky items visible and off the floor. Over the door racks are great for shoes and accessories, keeping smaller items from being hidden.

close-up detail of master bedroom closet cabinet and shelf

Often times, small closets require the separate storage of off season clothing. If choosing to store your clothing, look for a system that will take good care of your clothing while also taking up little space. Clothing bags and vacuum seal storage bags are ideal, but be certain to follow packaging instructions.

It would be devastating to find clothing in an unfit state when it comes time to swap out.

empty oversized luxury style master bedroom closet

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Larger closets have a bit more to work with but are also in danger of becoming the catchall for the most random of items. To avoid stock-piling clutter that does not belong in the master closet, make your organization system highly visible. If everything you have to store is laid neatly in plain sight, it will be easy to see what it out of place. Large shelves and hanging rods keep clothing of all seasons neat and accessible for mixing and matching. Baskets work just as well as drawers for organizing small items that do not need special care. If you choose to use drawers in your storage system, have each drawer designated to hold something specific and use a drawer organizer to ensure it stays that way. Special trays can be laid in dresser and closet drawers to keep ties, socks, jewelry, and other small items separated and tidy.

dark wood cabinetry in this luxury master bedroom walk-in closet

Once a month make it a priority to do a closet sweep. Go through and hang up

what has fallen down, put items out of place back

where they belong. Remove any items that you have discovered damaged or unfit

for wearing. It may be worthwhile to have a basket

to toss such items as you discover them. Then you can simply empty the basket

after tidying up each month.

Whether you settle on a fancy all-in-one organization system or you simply pick and

choose what to incorporate

into your closet scheme, do settle on a method that words for your lifestyle. Lots of shelving and drawers will do

no good if you find it burdensome to keep them

neat and tidy. Make an effort

to hang clothing in a manner that makes sense: by style, color, season, etc. Use hangers that match - some families find laundry easier to have a color hanger associated with each family member, while others simply get the colors all mixed up and find the rainbow hangers to be chaotic. Whatever you chose to do- an organized master closet really makes a difference.

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Photos courtesy of ClosetMaid? and SCHULTE Storage.

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