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Jennifer Jones  by Jennifer Jones

organized kitchen

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Every homeowner knows the importance of storage space in the kitchen. It is the most popular room in the house where guests gather and family come and go. Everyday life is improved when this key entertaining space has all its elements in their places. Pots, utensils, small appliances and even knick-knacks seem to find their way to this busy part of the house. Inadequate storage in the kitchen is a common problem in many households. Even the smallest of kitchens can be arranged to suitably store your kitchen items. There are numerous ways to improve the quality and quantity of storage available. Your kitchen no longer has to feel like a jigsaw puzzle or disaster zone. Proper organization and storage is the major key to keep track of essential items as well as infrequently used ones.

walk-in organized pantry

Start Organizing

Tackling kitchen storage can be a daunting task. The first step is to organize, organize, and organize some more. It is the perfect opportunity to clear out the clutter and get rid of items that are old, broken and worthless. Some people will completely clear out all of the items in the kitchen and move them into another room for grouping. This is also the perfect time to thoroughly clean everything, including the darkest and dirtiest spaces. For the most effective storage layout, plan out a place for everything and implement organization methods that best suit your lifestyle. Grouping items according to task can be very helpful later when you want to use them. For example, store all the baking supplies in one container/drawer and the grilling equipment in another. Another effective method is arranging your kitchenware by frequency of use. The dishes for special occasions should be kept higher up in cabinets, while the everyday tableware should be stored on the shelves that are easier to reach. Essential utensils should be kept within reach of your cooking and food preparation area. Now that you have your groupings, the next step is to plan out which sets will adequately fit in each storage area.


Some people will take this opportunity to eliminate the dreaded “junk drawer,” however, many experts advise to maintain drawer space just for necessity. It is good practice to go through the junk drawer every few months and reorganize the items in it that can be put in their proper place. Dividers and drawer organizers are very useful for keeping everything neat and visible. Deep containers are great for utensils with oversized handles. One easy solution is to use a bread pan as a deep bin for irregularly shaped items. Separating cutlery and utensils with dividers, bins and organizers will save you from rummaging through all your kitchen drawers.

cabinet storage racks


For most homeowners, cabinets are the major source of kitchen storage space. In most cases, cabinet space is not being utilized to its full potential. Skinny cabinets are excellent for narrow items such as cutting boards and cookie sheets. Pull-out shelves work wonders to utilize the space in deeper cabinets. A large lazy Susan is perfect for storing small appliances, such as coffee grinders, blenders and handheld mixers. It also makes it easier to locate items without having to dig them out from the far back corner. Another useful storage option, especially for tricky corner cabinets, is installing large hooks in them to hang pots and pans. This allows ample visibility and takes advantage of this otherwise clumsy storage corner. Baskets are great for containing lids, especially if you decided to stack your pots and pans. Plastic Tupperware should be stored together and use one of the larger plastic containers to store all the lids. Cabinets with glass doors are excellent for showcasing your finest dishware, sparkling crystal or decorative dishes. Consider installing hooks in these cabinets to increase the function of the display space. Antique bowls, expensive china and even glass canisters filled with dry pasta can add a dramatic style to your glass cabinets.

Above & Below Cabinets

When it comes to kitchen storage, no unused space should be overlooked. Some kitchens have bare space between the top of the cabinets and the ceiling. Take full advantage of this storage and display area. It is ideal for decorative kitchenware and baskets with holiday linens and dishes. Additionally, installing shelves about a foot below the ceiling around the perimeter of the kitchen adds valuable display and storage space that is out of the way. Another handy spot that can be used for storage is the empty space under the cabinets. Some homeowners will remove the kick board, install drawer slides and insert a drawer. The only catch is to find drawers that match your existing cabinetry.

Hanging Space

Hanging space in the kitchen is perfect for freeing up drawer and shelf space. Some homeowners that have center islands utilize the overhead space by hanging pots and pans above them. Cabinet ends are also great for adding hooks and displaying decorative plates and platters. The inside of cabinets and pantry doors are often overlooked as valuable space. This area is perfect for a message center with a magnetic, dry erase or cork board. Some people get creative and paint the inside of a door with blackboard paint. Other homeowners like to hang an over-the-door rack on the inside on the pantry for a bit of extra storage space. Kitchen walls also provide valuable space to hang a shelf with useful pegs. This is excellent for hanging dish towels and aprons, while leaving your drawer space free for other items.


organized kitchen with island

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On The Counter

Counterspace is a key element of your kitchen. Since it is as used are a primary workspace, it is important to clean it frequently. Therefore, the counter should be the least cluttered space in the kitchen. Many people will refrain for storing a large amount of items on the countertop. Depending on the amount of counterspace and the layout of appliances, it can be useful to store items in the alcoves that are created on the counter. Jars, canisters and baskets are very functional for countertop storage. They are easily moved for cleaning and provide a neat and tidy appearance. Wire baskets are great for bagged snacks, since kids can easily see them through the wires. If you choose to store items on the counter, remember to keep the frequently used tools more readily available and store other items in drawers and cabinets.

Under The Sink

The area under the sink can be a challenge to some homeowners. Plumbing parts often get in the way when planning storage options. Since they can be easily removed and viewed, stackable shelves and portable caddies are great for the area under the dark sink. Tilting drawers and little door racks are other useful storage features that work great under the sink. Buckets are excellent for storing and using cleaning supplies on hand. Some people will line these spaces with waterproof mats to prevent damage to the bottom of the shelves. 

organized kitchen pantry


Kitchen carts are excellent for storing larger appliances that are infrequently used, like deluxe mixers and ice cream makers. Some cart designs are considered to be a small, portable kitchen island that the homeowner can easily roll out for parties. The cart can also function as extra preparation space and works great for serving meals. Some people decide to use a cart for the microwave so their counter maintains a tidy appearance.


Some homes built today designate out a space in the walls for a hutch or china cabinet. This is an excellent way to get kitchenware out of the limited storage kitchen space. Additionally, hutches are perfect for showcasing beautiful dishes. Even if your home does not has a designated hutch space, many hutches are reasonable in size and can fit in a wide hallway or corridor. Corner hutches are perfect for those hardly used corner spaces. Although they can be a bit expensive, investing in a hutch will provide an elegant solution for more storage.

Whether you have a luxury home or a small cottage, kitchen storage space is a must-have for every homeowner. Organization is the first key to properly storing and maintaining kitchenware. Having a place for everything and everything it its place will make cleaning your kitchen an enjoyable task.

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