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Kimberly Blackford  by Kimberly Blackford

spring cleaning supplies


Looking for some sure-fire ways to instantly transform your home into the clean house you want it to be? Is your home ready to take on the spring and summer months when family are coming and going from all their favorite activities? Although many of these spring cleaning tips will make your home look better, they will also create a healthier environment free of dust and dirt. So, to get started on the right foot, take a look at these great tips and transform your home from drab to fab.

Leave dirt in its place – Before anything, start by cleaning the doormat and entry areas of your home. After a long, cold winter of tracking in salt and dirty melted snow, most likely the garage entry into your home as well as the front entry needs a little TLC. Thoroughly clean these areas with a mop, soap and water, and then be sure to vacuum the rugs or doormats at these entries.  Leave the dirt outdoors and keep it from being tracked right back in to your clean home.

Clean carpets and upholstery – After months of the family being cooped up indoors watching movies and television shows; furniture and carpet are bound to need some extra help. Get carpets and upholstery deep-cleaned and rid your home of dirt, body oil, and germs that have been making a home in these areas all winter long. Plus, getting fabrics and carpets cleaned regularly will keep dust and allergens from building up.

vinyl kitchen floor

Hit the Floor – Hardwood and vinyl need not be neglected! Be sure to clean them thoroughly and then protect them with a new wax coating or other finisher. This will keep them protected as the spring rains move in and water is tracked in from outdoors.

Wash the walls? – Yes, you’d be surprised how much grime stays on walls, cabinets, baseboards and woodwork. Make it a habit to use some water and a sponge along with hand dishwashing detergent and gently wipe any hard surfaces. It’s amazing how many germs stick to cabinets where everyone grabs them and opens them for drinking glasses. Or, the handle on the microwave! Although these handles and cabinets may not look dirty to the eye, they are. 

Vacuum intelligently – Back in the day, our mothers believed that you had to move every piece of furniture to vacuum your home thoroughly. Today, homeowners just don’t have the time for such labor-intensive vacuuming.  Simply move those big items a little to the left or the right and vacuum the space they normally occupy, and then quickly move them back into place.

cleaning the ceiling fan

Clean ceiling fans and other fixtures – Often overlooked are ceiling fans since they are constantly running. Many of these fixtures are never turned off, but when they are, it can be very surprising to see how much dirt, dust and grime has built up on the blades swirling overhead. After the fans are cleaned, take a look at the light fixtures. These fixtures gather plenty of dust and dirt throughout the year and soon they lose their glow. An all-purpose cleaner, sponge and cloth will quickly and easily get these fixtures back to their original sparkle.

Clean Your Coils – Easy to overlook is the refrigerator’s condenser coil, found behind the toe grille. With a long handled bottlebrush and a vacuum cleaner with hose attachment, this can be rid of dust that can build up and shut down the unit down by overheating it.

These seven simple tips will keep your home sparkling all spring and summer without hours and hours of backbreaking work!



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