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Home Remodeling Trends

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Kimberly Blackford  by Kimberly Blackford

When the weather is wintry outdoors, it may be the best time all year to begin a home remodeling project. But, before you begin, what are some of the top remodeling trends being seen in the last few years?

Below are some of the hottest home improvement trends in the last few years. Take a look and see if any of these projects would be a great idea for sprucing up your home in the new year.

Freedomrail organized kitchen pantry

Kitchen Ideas

If you’re considering a change in the kitchen, why not try varying cabinet and counter height or adding cabinetry with furniture-like details? Because vintage styles will be popular, distressed finishes on cabinets will be stylish and maintain durability because they already have a worn look. Earth tone paint colors are also making a comeback in kitchen spaces creating a cozy feel.

luxury kitchen cabinets with organizers from ClosetMaid




If you do not want to begin a huge project, then this may be the perfect chore. Outfit your current kitchen cabinets, shelves and drawers with inserts for cutlery, add dividers for spices and find great organizing products to maximize all kitchen space to the best of it ability.









Bathroom Ideas

Nothing is quite as cold as stepping out of your shower onto freezing cold bathroom tile. Make this the last winter you do such a thing by installing heated bathroom flooring. Not only is radiant flooring energy efficient, but you will feel like you’re living in complete luxury when your bathroom remains cozy even on the coldest of nights.

radiant floor heating coils



If you swap out your bathroom flooring for something that’s radiant heated, then at the same time, select a new updated tile for your bathroom floor. Large tiles are replacing the smaller square tiles of the past while making it easier to keep clean since they will use much less grout. Bathrooms have become a popular home remodeling choice because they are also much cheaper to remodel than the kitchen.



Other Ideas

If you’re in the hunt for new lighting, homeowners are straying from incandescent lighting styles and gravitating towards LED or compact fluorescent lighting options.  Add an updated style and save money at the same time, what could be better?

spacious outdoor deck on waterfront home design

Outdoor Ideas

Now more than ever, synthetic materials for a home’s exterior are practically more realistic than the real thing. So, if you decide to add a new deck and need materials that mimic the look of real wood, you will have no problem finding plenty of options, colors and styles to choose from.

Another great addition being made to home’s right now will be screened porches. Homeowners enjoy outdoor living spaces more than they ever have and extending the living space from a great into the outdoors can be seamless with the addition of a screened porch which allows outdoor enjoyment several seasons of the year while remaining bug-free!  


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