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As the hub of a home, kitchens are put to work multiple times a day.

Kohler's Kitchen Carthage Sink

Photo courtesy of Kohler

The weather is changing, the schedule is full, and your family is busier than you can imagine. One glance at your kitchen can tell anyone that you haven't exactly had time to spare. Dishes are everywhere – clean or dirty is left up to guessing. The food in the fridge is fresh...if you grab from the front of the shelves. And the state of your floor is better left out of this discussion. It's time to face facts. Your kitchen is out of control and is need of some major cleaning intervention.

As the hub of a home, kitchens are put to work multiple times a day. Family meals, afternoons snacks, and friendly gatherings are all assaults on the state of your kitchen's cleanliness. To keep this home zone from getting out of hand, take a 15 Minute Dash every day to keep this space user friendly and ready to go.

  • Set a timer for 15 minutes. What gets done in these 15 minutes is good enough for today. Tomorrow's 15 minutes can include other tasks.
  • First, attack anything that does not belong in the kitchen. Make a pile and find their homes. This de-cluttering should help clear counter space and table tops.
  • Next, focus on anything that may have an odor. Does the trash need taken out? Is there food in the garbage disposal?
  • Focus on localizing the mess. All dirty dishes need to be gathered and stacked in or next to the sink. If you have a dishwasher, focus on rinsing dishes and putting them directly into the dishwasher.
  • When the sink is empty, set pots and pans to soak if necessary
  • While pots and pans soak, wipe down all surfaces
  • Tackle the floors last. A quick sweep will do wonders for the look and feel of the kitchen.
Kohler's Kitchen Crevasse Sink

Photo courtesy of Kohler

These tasks may seem like they will take more than 15 minutes to conquer. This may be true the first day or even the second. However, after doing this dash daily, you will notice there is less stuff to de-clutter. There are less dishes lying about. And the floor's quick sweep will take only a few moments because it was given a once over the day before. Even on busy days when not everything can be tackled, accomplishing something will make the next day's Dash a little bit easier. Whatever tasks are more pressing in your life should be tackled first- make the Dash work for you!

Kohler's Kitchen Southaven Sink

Photo courtesy of Kohler

When you have more than 15 minutes, there are some other cleaning jobs that will add extra sparkle and shine to your kitchen's face. These are tasks that should be completed regularly but are not nearly as pressing as the every day clean ups.

  • Give the microwave a scrub down every week or immediately after spills and splatters take place. Microwaving a cup of water with some lemon juice for 2 minutes will steam stains and lift odors. Remove the mug (careful! The water is hot!) and wipe down the interior with a damp soapy sponge.
  • Refrigerator interiors should be cleaned out regularly. Food should be inventoried weekly, with leftovers or old food being tossed immediately. Once every three months, remove everything and give your refrigerator a quick rub down with warm soapy water. Dry thoroughly and organize items once again. Be certain not to use strong cleaners that may infiltrate the taste of foods.
  • Keep track of that 3-month refrigerator clean-out with an open box of baking soda. The baking soda should be placed in the center of your fridge and will help to eliminate odors and flavor mixing. When the box is replaced, so should the entire refrigerator get an overhaul.
  • Every so often take the time to scrub down appliances and fixtures within the kitchen. The ceiling fan, windows, light fixtures, and shelving all gather dust and rarely get the attention the countertops garner. A little elbow grease can keep these fixtures humming along. Also be sure to give sinks, dishwashers, ovens, and floors regular maintenance. A thorough cleaning is required now and again
Clean Kitchen Sink

Photo courtesy of Kohler

You take the time to host friends and family, cook up gourmet meals, and invent tasty creations all in name of a happy home. Investing just a little time every day to the maintenance of well-used spaces is part of that. Clean, healthy homes are certainly happy homes.

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