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Jennifer Jones  by Jennifer Jones

It never fails, you are in the middle of a seemingly simple project and that one specific tool just cannot be found. It’s not even a rarely used object, but something that is needed often and never seems to be available. There is nothing more frustrating than attempting a quick fix but not having the equipment on hand. This is how small tasks become huge inconveniences.

picture of painting supplies

In order to avoid such frustration once and for all, there are a few essential tools every home’s handy person should have ready to grab:

  • Tape measure - A 25 foot tape measure that is 3/4 inch wide is great for projects around the home. It is ideal for small or large tasks without being cumbersome.

  • Level - Laser levels are fancy and seem extra useful is our technology-crazed world. However, levels are only useful if they are accurate. Invest in one that works, be it laser or the basic bubble that has served so many homes for many years.

  • Screwdrivers (and screws) - At the bare minimum, every toolbox needs a flathead and a Phillips screwdriver. Quality screwdrivers are available in sets of all sizes, so a small set of five different sizes could come in handy.

  • Hammer (and nails) - A medium weight hammer is best for a variety of tasks around the home. A rubber handle will be good for all grips. Consider investing in a rubber mallet if your hammering needs may be above the average.

  • Pliers - Needle-nosed pliers are all that most homes will ever need.

  • Wrenches - There is some debate over the need for wrenches and which ones. However, like screwdrivers, quality wrenches often come in simple sets that should serve most any need that would arise.

  • Utility knife - Utility knives often come in handy around the home and should be the only cutting tool needed. If interested, a handsaw could also be a wise investment. Few homes truly have the need for circular saws or other pricey machinery, so avoid being sucked into the hype.

photo of common household tools

The above tools should all be kept in a toolbox or other storage container that has a designated spot within the home. There are no rules about tools- they do not have to be stored in the garage or the basement. Simply find a place that keeps them accessible but inconspicuous when not in use. Also, consider a few other items that may come in handy around the home. Painter’s and duct tape, various glues, pencils and straightedges, and step ladders are all accessories that could make any handy task a little easier.

Most every homeowner could look at the above list and find a tool or two that may be a necessity in their home. This is by no means a comprehensive list! However, these basics are more affordable than investing in numerous single purpose tools and will allow many home fixes to be taken care of quickly and with little complication.

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